“I think it was shown as a result of the T1 match. I will ride the momentum without disappointing in the future.” 메이저사이트

On the 2nd, the first round of the ‘2023 LCK Spring’, Hanwha Life Insurance vs. T1, was completed at Roll Park in Jongno, Seoul.

On this day, Hanwha Life Insurance achieved a thrilling come-from-behind victory against T1. It was Hanwha Life Insurance that ended the long three-game losing streak. The protagonist of the victory was definitely Kim Kun-woo.

Kim Gun-woo led the match perfectly with Akali and Kassadin against Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok. In an interview with Xports News after the game, he said, “I am proud of winning by showing my skills and breaking three consecutive losses against the strongest team, T1.”

Kim Gun-woo, who said he learned a lot during his 3 consecutive losses, confessed, “I lacked boldness during the tournament. In the case of the T1 match, the team’s coordination and communication were good, and he boldly did well.”

Kim Gun-woo and Lee Sang-hyeok face off after a long time since Worlds. He emphasized, “If you look at the LCK match, Faker is the best. The performance is also very good, so I thought it would not be easy. The match against T1 was difficult, but all the other team members did well.”

The following is the full text of the interview with ‘Zecca’ Kim Gun-woo.

Ended a 3-game losing streak against T1. First of all, how do you feel about winning?

I am proud to have won 3 consecutive losses against T1, the strongest team, and showed my skills. In the meantime, I have worried the fans, but today’s game seems to have eased their worries. I will make you walk only on the flower path from now on.

I don’t think anyone expected Hanwha Life’s victory. What is the driving force behind victory?

I don’t think we would have been able to win against T1 if our team had won 3 games in a row without losing 3 games in a row. During the 3 consecutive losses, I gained a lot and learned a lot. I think I grew up through defeat and won. And all the players boldly showed their skills by doing well.

Jeka said in a recent interview that fixing problems comes first. What is Hanwha Life’s problem?

There was a lack of team agreement and communication, which is often said. Comparing tournaments and scrims, we were bold and good at scrims, but lacked boldness during tournaments. In the case of the T1 match, the team’s coordination and communication was good, and they did it boldly.

And as an underdog, we felt more comfortable. It brought back memories of last year, and I think the opponent would have been more pressured. Our team had nothing to lose.

In the meantime, the breathing between the team members has been shown to be not well matched. What have you tried to improve?

When we went into the second half, calls and communication became messy in the operational part. But now, each of them said only important information and slowly continued communication, seeing the same angle.

The confrontation with Faker was a hot topic. It’s the first time since Worlds, have you met?

Just looking at the LCK matches, Faker is the best. He thought it would not be easy because his performance was also very good. It was difficult before T1, but all the other team members did well.

The change in performance after losing the first set was impressive. How did the feedback go?

Even in the first set, I thought we lost because of our team’s minor mistakes. It was a big mistake rather than a good opponent.

In the 3rd set, he seems to have given Jerry to Kumayushi, but

Cherry is weak in the early laning match. So, if we go strong in the beginning with Alice-Duven, it seemed that even if the opponent took Jerry, we wouldn’t be able to withstand it. So I didn’t ban.

There is a story about not giving Akali or Silas to

Zecca. Thank you for thinking that way. It’s good to spend the ban card. Akali and Silas seem to be better than mage champions in the current meta. In particular, utility supports often appear in bots, so it is good to assassinate.

The next match is against DRX. First of all, please tell me your resolution.

DRX is in a bad situation, just like our team. We gained momentum from our win against T1, and if our team is more focused, we will likely defeat DRX as well. I will run 2 wins in a row.

You have to meet your home team, but which player are you most wary of?

It is a team that won dramatically last year and was very good in my memory. If I win, I think my heart will break. The player to be wary of is Joon-hee “Beryl” Cho. Geon-hee hyung is good at it, and the role he plays is big. And “Rascal” Kwang-hee Kim also becomes a boundary.

Last thing I want to say

I felt sorry for the fans during the 3-game losing streak, but I gained a lot. It seems to have been shown in the results before T1. I will ride the momentum without disappointing in the future.

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