‘Youngjae’ Ko Young-jae showed satisfaction.

On the 3rd, at the LCK Arena located in Lol Park, Jongno-gu, Seoul, the ‘2023 LCK Spring’ regular season, kt Rolster vs. Guangdong Freecs, took place.

On this day, Kwangdong showed perfect performance and won its first win of the season by beating kt with a score of 2:0.

In an interview with Xports News after the game, Ko Young-jae shared various stories, including his impressions of victory, the background of Tristana’s appearance in the second set, and the current team atmosphere and breathing.

The following is the full text of the interview with Ko Young-jae.

Congratulations on your victory. You won your first win of the season and received a POG in the first set. How do you feel?

I’m happy just to win, but I’m even more happy to receive POG.

What are you satisfied with today’s match?

We won the victory by fighting well without avoiding the fight we had to do, so we are more satisfied than other days. 온라인바카라

You had a long losing streak, what do you think was the reason?

I think it’s because what we do during scrims and tournaments is very different. Also, compared to other players, I think my career was short and I didn’t play many tournaments, so I think my losing streak was long.

Today, he showed a completely different performance. I am curious about what you have improved after going through 4 consecutive losses.

We tend to avoid fights a bit, so we said, ‘This time, if a situation arises where we have to fight, don’t avoid it, let’s fight unconditionally’.

KT was gaining momentum, what strategies did you prepare for the match against kt?

Rather than being conscious of the opponent, we entered the game with the mindset of ‘we just have to do what we do’.

There was a crisis at the beginning of the 1st set, how did you try to solve it?

There was a mistake in making the route, and I thought, ‘A mistake is a mistake, let’s do the next thing’.

Whose opinion was the pick of mid Tristana in the second set?

During scrims, Kassadin kept coming out and tried several champions, but among them, Tristana seemed to be the best, so I started practicing from scrims. In today’s match, me and (Yoon) Sejun hyung said, ‘You have to play Tristana.’ Sejun hyung helped me a lot.

You will be with new team members this season. How is the current team atmosphere and breathing?

When I was in the middle of 4 consecutive losses, the atmosphere was not good (even during that time), but I think the tip total was not lacking at all.

As supporters, ‘Jun’ and ‘Moham’ alternately appear. ‘Youngjae’, what do you think are the strengths of the two players?

‘Moham’ player gives power to all lines based on the line. ‘Jun’ has good movement in terms of laning and mid-to-late halves.

‘Youngjae’ What do you think is Guangdong’s strength?

I think rolling the snowball well is my strength.

What do you think of the jungle patch with tower damage buffs, yellow ward cooldown reduction, etc.?

I think it was a necessary patch. Now, I feel it’s okay for Jungle to show off its ‘eating raw’ movement, so I think (this patch) is a well-done patch.

Do you have any personal goals for this season?

I hope that I and others can feel that I am getting better as time goes by.

The next opponent is Dplus Kia. Please give me a word of determination.

D+Kia is a very good team, but I think we can win enough if we fight together when we have to fight together like today.

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