“What if the Angels drop out of the race in May or June?”

The WBC is over. Shohei Ohtani (LA Angels) trade rumors surfaced again. MLB.com said on the 26th (hereinafter Korean time) as above, saying, “If so, the demand for Ohtani will be enormous, and the bidding war for a two-way superstar will ignite.” 스포츠토토

Los Angeles Angels owner Arte Moreno officially withdrew his intention to sell the club, but he never gave a specific stance on Ohtani’s move. Of course, it is the intention to catch Ohtani, but it does not mean much in the current situation where an extension contract has not been proposed.

The Angels will also be troubled. This is because even if you actually propose a contract size of 500 to 600 million dollars, which is rumored in the industry, if it is rejected, you have to go through the trade process immediately. It is necessary to decide the size of the extension contract and the timing of the extension contract. If you miss Ohtani, you should also plan for the future.

MLB.com said, “Ohtani’s salary this year is $30 million, but that won’t stop the many teams pursuing him in the postseason and late season. If the Angels can get Ohtani right away, he’ll be the most sought-after trade candidate in years or decades.”

Even MLB.com said, “If you think the Angels can’t have Ohtani at the end of the season and aren’t a true postseason contender, then it’s crazy not to enjoy the idea of ​​reviving the many prospects Ohtani can get.”

The prospects for the Angels this season are also not that bright. It is true that the time for decision is coming for the Angels. As mentioned several times, it is more beneficial for the Angels to get a prospect package through trade than to be taken away from the free agent market. When MLB.com mentioned May-June, it means that there is a possibility of dropping out of the postseason race around that time, so make a trade angle.

Even if the Angels take the strategy of going all the way to the free agent market without offering Ohtani an extension contract, the fact that Ohtani is a super power and the Angels are an absolute Eul does not change. There are not a few clubs that want Ohtani and can win with Ohtani.

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