Women’s professional basketball Woori Bank has to play the final game of the season in a strange ‘dilemma’.

Woori Bank and Shinhan Bank will have their final match on March 1st at Asan Yi Sun-shin Gymnasium, their home. Woori Bank, which had already secured first place with a victory against BNK on the 13th, is showing signs of preparing for the playoffs and championship match by mainly using players who have not been able to play on the court due to various injuries in the subsequent 4 games.

Nevertheless, with 3 wins and 1 loss, it is also confirming the appearance of the strongest team this season. Woori Bank coach Seong-Woo Seong-Woo also said, “In a situation where the rankings from 2nd to 4th are fiercely developed, we do not want to cause any misunderstandings, so we mainly appoint players who have had little time to play, but of course we are doing our best.” there is.

However, with BNK finally confirming their 2nd place with a victory over Hana 1Q on the 27th, only the final ranking decision between Samsung Life Insurance and Shinhan Bank, who were tied for 3rd place, remained. If both teams win, Samsung Life Insurance, which is ahead of them in terms of opponents, will be in third place, but if Samsung Life Insurance loses and Shinhan Bank wins, Shinhan Bank will dramatically rise to third place. Coincidentally, meeting Shinhan Bank first and holding the ‘key’ in the ranking fight is a somewhat burdensome situation.

In addition, unlike the previous four games, which had nothing to do with win or loss, the Shinhan Bank match has a special meaning. Woori Bank has never suffered a losing streak this season. However, they recorded only one losing streak. The opponent is Shinhan Bank.

Woori Bank lost 78-81 against Shinhan Bank on January 18 after winning 14 consecutive wins. The final score differed by only 3 points, but from the first half, it was trailing 30-44 and literally dragged around, and at the end of the 4th quarter, it succeeded in tying the score only once, but it was a complete defeat that did not lead to a reversal. Shinhan Bank Kim Jin-young allowed his career-high 30 points, and he was hit 12 times in 3 stores, thoroughly breaking down the defense.

However, there were some convincing reasons, such as Park Hye-jin and Choi Yi-sam, who could not play at all due to injuries, and faced with only 6 entries, and the fatigue and burden of winning 14 consecutive wins overlapped at once. Coach Wi said, “I’m rather relieved that the winning streak has ended.” This meant that there was no damage.

However, the match on the 30th, the very next match, was a rather shocking reversal defeat for Woori Bank. Park Hye-jin, who is recovering from an injury, scored only 0 points, which is rare, despite playing nearly full-time, and Kim Dan-bi, who faced her former team, was also sluggish with 14 points. It was also dragged by more than 10 points from the 1st quarter, but succeeded in reversing the gear at the end of the 4th quarter, with only 7 seconds left, Shinhan Bank Sonia Kim dedicated one free throw followed by a bottom shot to Shinhan Bank Sonia, eventually losing again 72-74. Kim Jin-young blocked it with 10 points, but in this game, she gave up 25 points and the winning goal to Sonia Kim, her teammate until last year. After the game, coach Wie expressed concern, saying, “I definitely said that I shouldn’t be dragged from the first quarter like the previous confrontation, but it was repeated. I’m afraid it will become a habit.”

In this delicate composition, the two teams meet again. In addition, if Woori Bank wins on this day, the first round of PO will start with Shinhan Bank at home on March 11th. It is highly likely that Woori Bank will operate a ‘complete’ lineup, either to reverse the momentum battle that was suppressed in the previous two games, to overwhelm the team, or to prepare for PO. Of course, it is impossible to place third on its own, but it is clear that Shinhan Bank will do its best. The final match of the season, which would have been similar to ‘Garbage Time’ in previous years, became surprisingly interesting thanks to the best-ever ranking battle. 카지노

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