SSG was originally scheduled to have foreign left-hander Kirk McCarty in the match against KIA held at Gwangju-Kia Champions Field on the 10th. But in conclusion, McCarty was not on the mound that day. A blister formed on the middle finger of his left hand, which led to inflammation and required treatment.

He wasn’t seriously injured, but needed a replacement starter. In a situation where there were no players who deservedly rise from the second team, SSG coach Kim Won-hyung chose right-hander Lee Kun-wook (28). For good reason.

First of all, I had experience as a starting pitcher among bullpen pitchers. Lee Kun-wook, a starting prospect who was expected by many during high school, entered the starting rotation in 2020 and won 6 wins. He wasn’t prepared for this year’s starter, but he was still able to handle long innings compared to other players.

Second, there was a report that the pitch had risen. He simply judged that he would not be able to throw for long and be able to hold out for some time. Lee Kun-wook, who completely switched to the bullpen this year, was drawing a graph with a clear rise in pitch in the Futures League (second team). Manager Kim said, “I wish he would only throw 4 innings,” but behind the scenes, he smiled and said, “I’m secretly looking forward to it.”

As a result, Lee Kun-wook went down the mound after completing some of the duties given to him that day. Although he gave up 5 hits and allowed 3 runs in 4 innings, he still prevented the “4 innings” coach Kim wanted. On the actual bullpen day, even Choi Min-joon could not come out due to cholecystitis, so if Lee could not cover 4 innings, the game would have to be thrown. However, Lee Kun-wook threw it firmly, and the team was able to win by defeating the opposing foreign starter Sean Anderson.

Lee Kun-wook’s restraint dropped from the 3rd episode. He wasn’t prepared as a starter, so he was a natural. As a result, his average velocity was not that high. However, in the first inning when he had power, he threw a heavy ball in the mid-140 km/h range. Even within SSG, Lee Kun-wook’s fastball is rated as the best. He gives good rotation and has good vertical movement, so batters often hit the bottom of the ball. He is a player who often “gets the ball kicked in.” However, since he is good at speed and shifting of the center of gravity, KIA hitters could not easily make long hits.

The secret to Lee Kun-wook’s fastball improvement is the player’s efforts, but the fact that he received help from advanced technology cannot be ignored. SSG installs biomechanics-related equipment at Ganghwa SSS Future Field and analyzes the motions of players. Detailed movements that are difficult to catch with the naked eye are revealed in detail through comprehensive equipment consisting of sensors and cameras. We are working on finding problems with this analysis and drawing better methods and conclusions. Lee Kun-wook is one of the first students this year.

As a result of biomechanics analysis, Lee Kun-wook revealed a problem with the braking of his left pivot foot. Seong-yong Kim, general manager of SSG, said, “If you look at the pitching form, the balance between the acceleration part and the tread has changed from before. The lower body has to adapt to it, but it hasn’t worked out so far,” he said. “After getting the balance, the rotation toward first base improved. As a result, the speed increased by 4 to 5 km. The player also (balance) toward first base when pitching. They said it was the first time they felt like going.” 메이저사이트

Coach Kim and pitching coach Jo Woong-chun also gave thumbs up to Lee Kun-wook’s fastball. Coach Cho said, “Hitters say they like the tactile pitch they feel.” Coach Kim gave him the task of improving his fastball control and slider speed, and he sent him back to the second team, but he expected that it was confirmed that he had the strength to last one inning if only this problem was corrected. He reaffirmed the possibility of a bullpen option for SSG.

In addition to Lee Kun-wook, there are players who entered the correction through the biomechanics program. Yoon Tae-hyun and Jung Sung-gon, whose balance is disturbed, and Lee Won-joon, who lowered their arms in a three-quarter form, are currently undergoing correction. They do not go to Futures League games and are focusing on correcting and supplementing pitching balance. Each of them had their own problems, and it is a process of slowly correcting them. Attention is focusing on whether the day will come when the SSG hopefuls, who are struggling to the death in an invisible place, will stand in front of fans with a different look.

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