The first round of the 2023 LCK (League of Legends Champions Korea) spring season also entered the second half. With T1 and Gen.G eSports competing for first place, a battle is unfolding over the 6th place that allows them to advance to the playoffs. There is a team that has had unusual results lately. That is KT Rolster.

KT has a record of 3 wins and 3 losses so far. However, the process shows a consistent pattern of ‘lose-win-lose-lose’. The team’s performance goes back and forth like a roller coaster, capturing Hanwha Life Insurance E-Sports, considered a strong team, and losing to Guangdong Freecs, which is made up of rookies. Attention is focusing on whether KT’s jinx will continue this week. This is because Dplus Kia (hereinafter referred to as DK) and Gen.G, a strong team, will meet on the 9th and 11th in succession. It is a match that KT must overcome even to prove the ‘qualification of the West’. 메이저사이트

There is another reason why KT’s match this time is attracting attention. This is because a confrontation between veteran players called the so-called LKC Mid 4 Kings takes place. KT’s mid laner BDD (Kwak Bo-seong) faced DK’s Showmaker (Heo Soo) and Gen.G’s Chovy (Jung Ji-hoon) one after another. Until last year, BDD met Showmaker on the LCK stage and won 13-28 based on sets and 13-33 against Chovy. It’s a situation where you’re pretty far behind your opponent. However, it seems that BDD will be able to have a good confrontation as this season’s average death is at the bottom with an average death of 1.7 and KDA is at the top with a 4.1.

In order for BDD to catch Showmaker and Chovy, it is also important to work with the jungler Curz (Moon Woo-chan). In fact, BDD’s first blood involvement rate this season is 20%, second only to Faker (Lee Sang-hyeok). To that extent, it means that he is actively involved in early intervention with the jungler and prepared moves and other lines.

Changes are also expected in mid-lane and ban picks. As the new 13.1B patch version was applied to the LCK tournament, the Staff of Eternity and Archangel’s Embrace items were changed. As a result, it is expected that this item will affect the choice of champions such as Ryze and Kassadin. There is a high possibility that new cards will appear as the champions favored as mainstream picks have changed. From BDD’s point of view, Yone and Twisted Fate seem to be the way to go. This is because they took out the two champions twice each this season and won both. Also, as Yone has strengths in strong lane battles and Twisted Fate has strengths in roaming, it also has the advantage of being able to take out according to the situation.

If KT follows the jinx this season, they should lose to DK and win against Gen.G. Much attention is being paid to whether KT will show a rollercoaster-like appearance again as the jinx, or whether the pattern will be broken by winning or losing both times against the strong team.

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