Chelsea have rejected another Inter Milan bid.

According to the Daily Mail, Inter Milan have made a £26 million ($43.2 billion) bid for Romelu Lukaku, but Chelsea have rejected it. Chelsea had previously rejected a £23 million ($38.2 billion) bid from Inter Milan. Inter Milan then made an increased offer, but Chelsea rejected it again.

The price set by Chelsea is quite high. “Owner Todd Boeli wants £40 million ($66.5 billion) for Lukaku. Inter Milan want to bring Lukaku in on loan, but Chelsea will not allow it.”

Lukaku’s name could be in Chelsea’s plans for next season. Chelsea appointed Mauricio Pochettino as their new manager at the end of last season and have been preparing for next season. The club is currently in the process of identifying players who fit Pochettino’s style and who he wants to play. Lukaku could be one of them. 토토 가입머니

However, Lukaku himself doesn’t seem to want to play for Chelsea. Lukaku gave an interview in the middle of last season in which he said he wanted to return to Inter Milan, and despite being loaned out to Inter Milan at the end of the season, he hasn’t returned to Chelsea and is reportedly training privately. Despite an offer from a club in Saudi Arabia, Lukaku only wants to return to Inter Milan.

The problem is that the Nerazzurri don’t have the financial wherewithal to sign Lukaku. As the offer suggests, the Nerazzurri can’t afford to spend a lot of money on a single player, and even if they did sign Lukaku, they might not be able to afford his weekly wages unless he takes a pay cut.

There are other options for Chelsea to deal with Lukaku. According to the Daily Mail, Juventus is also interested in Lukaku, and the Bianconeri are willing to include him in a deal that would send Dusan Blahovic to Chelsea. This is a deal that could happen if Chelsea are interested.

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