Enso Fernandez (22, Chelsea) has been revealed to have threatened former team SL Benfica for a transfer.

Britain’s ‘Metro’ reported on the 3rd (Korean time) that “Enso will never play for Benfica again unless he is sent to Chelsea, and has threatened to return to his home country, Argentina.”

Enso officially joined Chelsea on the 1st. Chelsea invested 121 million euros (approximately 163 billion won), the highest transfer fee ever in the Premier League, to embrace the 2022 Qatar World Cup winner and Young Player Award winner.

It was a dramatic transfer that took place at the last moment of the end. According to Portugal’s ‘Mice Football’, the documents required for the transfer were submitted just 1 minute and 24 seconds before the transfer window closed. Only 84 seconds decided Enso’s fate.

The dream came true, Enso said on social media: “Thank you Benfica fans. I enjoyed every moment to the fullest and always gave my best. Let’s not let the press taint what we created together, because it was something wonderful that I never imagined. Because of that,” he said, “I would like to thank the club’s leadership, especially manager Roger Schmidt. I will always keep Benfica in my heart.”

카지노사이트 However, a shocking fact was revealed. According to Portuguese ‘Hecord’, Enso has declared that unless he is sent to Chelsea, he will no longer play for the team. He even threatened to leave for Argentina, even midway through the season.

Enso previously refused to attend team training without permission, saying he would spend the New Year in Argentina. At the time, he also sharply confronted the club, asking him to send him to Chelsea. It was by no means a beautiful breakup.

Director Schmidt did not hide his discomfort. “Today we showed that we are a good team without Enso, we can play good football and we are focused on scoring goals,” he said after the victory over Arroca. “Benfica is a much bigger club than the individual players. We only need players who want to play for the team and have the team.”

So did Benfica president Rui Costa. “I don’t cry for players who don’t want to be here,” he told BTV. “Enso didn’t show any commitment to Benfica. So I thought he couldn’t play here anymore. I didn’t want him anymore. , he couldn’t get back into the locker room. That’s when I decided to get him out.”

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