At the board of directors of the Korea Women’s Professional Golf Association (KLPGA) scheduled for the end of this month, it is expected that there will be sharp battles over the advance and withdrawal of Chairman Kim Jeong-tae. This is because members are complaining that Chairman Kim is doing something that harms the association.

This air flow was detected at the board meeting held on the 16th. On the 29th, director K of the association, who attended the meeting, said, “There was a discussion about Chairman Kim’s method of operating the association, which is growing in controversy.” It seems,” he said. 메이저사이트

The distrust of Chairman Kim started from a series of things that happened while he was also serving as the chairman of the KLPGA and the Asia Golf Leaders Forum (AGLF). It is said that while Chairman Kim is serving as the KLPGA chairman, he cannot rule out the possibility that he will incorporate the KLPGA tour tournament into the AGLF tournament or arbitrarily control the broadcasting rights.

In fact, the first AGLF event, the Simone Asia Pacific Cup, which was held in Jakarta, Indonesia in August of last year, overlapped with the KLPGA Tour High1 Resort Women’s Open. The following week, a major tournament, the Hanwha Classic, was held, making it virtually impossible for KLPGA tour players to participate due to schedule. At the time, it was reported that Chairman Kim stayed in Jakarta and took the lead for the success of the Simone Competition.

Director K said, “As far as I know, the AGLF’s original promise was that the AGLF tournament be held overseas as much as possible off-season so as not to overlap with the schedule of the KLPGA. But that promise was not kept.”

Because of this, there are rumors that the KLPGA Celltrion Queens Masters, established in 2021, will be held as an AGLF competition in New Zealand.

Director C of the association said, “To avoid the suspicion that Chairman Kim is using the KLPGA presidency for the development of the AGLF, he must choose between the two positions at this point.” However, he pointed out that KLPGA rights and interests should not be sacrificed for that.”

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