‘New Empress of Ice’ Kim Min-sun (23, Uijeongbu City Hall)’s golden run did not stop even in the 5th World Cup.

Kim Min-seon reached the top with a record of 37.90 seconds in the Women’s 500m Division A at the 2022-2023 International Skating Union (ISU) Speed ​​Skating World Cup 5th Competition held in Tomashof Mazowiecki, Poland on the 11th (Korean time). It is her gold medal in five consecutive World Cup events this season.

Kim Min-seon’s race with no opponent

Vanessa Herzog (Austria) and Kim Min-seon, assigned to Group 9, started from the in-course. After a strong start, he passed the 100m mark in 10.53 seconds, and seemed to be a bit heavy until the second corner after passing through the straight.

However, it was the last straight line that Kim Min-sun escaped from the crisis. He showed his back, and passed the finish line without losing concentration until the end, leaving a record of 37 invitations, the only one among the players who digested the match that day.

There was a big gap with players competing in the upper ranks, such as Erin Jackson (USA, 38 seconds 23), the ‘Beijing Olympic Gold Medalist’ who played in Group 10. Kim Min-sun, who confirmed the first place, calmly confirmed her ranking after the 10th group players finished the game. 먹튀검증

Kim Min-sun, who participated in the World Cup in two months after the 4th competition (Canada) in December last year, showed off her skills. She proved her reason for being ‘number one in the women’s 500m rankings’ even though many of her runners struggled due to poor ice conditions.

Lee Na-hyun (Nowon High School, 38.88 seconds), who competed in Group 3, also achieved the desired result by marking 11th place. She could have panicked when the starter fell right next to her, but she kept her composure and finished her race calmly.

She challenges the ‘former king’ that no one else has done.

Kim Min-sun’s performance this season is beyond expectations. Kim Min-sun, who won the gold medal in the 1st competition (37.55 seconds), continued her upward trend through the 2nd competition (37.21), 3rd competition (36.97), and 4th competition (36.96). It was encouraging that this gradually shortened. In doing so, she came close to the world record held by Lee Sang-hwa (36 seconds 36).

Even during the period when there was no World Cup competition, Kim Min-sun did not rest. After winning three gold medals (women’s 500m, 1000m, mixed relay) at the Winter World University Games (Universiade) held in Lake Placid, USA last month, she won three gold medals (women’s 500m, 1000m, women’s team overtaking) in the winter sports event held in Korea. ) was occupied.

Kim Min-seon, who held the top spot in the women’s 500m throughout the World Cup series until the 5th event, now looks to her new record. If she adds a gold medal at the World Cup Finals (February 18-19), she can also become the first women’s 500m ‘all gold medal’ in World Cup series history.

In the past, female sprinters, such as Yeni Wolf (Germany), Lee Sang-hwa (Korea), and Kodaira Nao (Japan), who are among the best in the world, have never won all gold medals at a World Cup event. That’s why her Kim Min-seon’s challenge has a lot of meaning.

It must be Kim Min-sun’s mind that she does not want to miss a single gold medal in the women’s 500m until the World Championships by event (March 2-5). It is noteworthy whether Min-seon Kim, who wants to decorate her finale of the 2022-2023 season with splendor, will make a mark in her speed skating history.

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