Although he became famous for his close friendship with Cristiano Ronaldo, British broadcaster Piers Morgan, whose favorite team is Arsenal, made a shopping list of hopes for the club he supports for the next season.

After writing down a total of 6 players, he emphasized that 5 of them should be brought in, including Korean defender Kim Min-jae.

Morgan said on his SNS on the 16th, “If Arsenal wants to win a major trophy next season, here is my shopping list.” “We need all the players,” he emphasized. 안전놀이터

Morgan became famous worldwide through an exclusive interview with Ronaldo last November. Ronaldo, who was a member of Manchester United at the time, caused a big issue due to a feud with the club and Manchester United coach Eric Turnhagh. received.

In the end, Manchester United let Ronaldo go by way of contract termination. Afterwards, whenever Manchester United was sluggish, he appeared on social media and criticized him as saying that Manchester United’s performance was poor because he sent Ronaldo away.

Although he defends Ronaldo like that, the reality of Morgan is that the club he supports in his heart is Arsenal.

And when Arsenal lost 0-3 to Brighton on the 15th, and the Premier League championship for the first time in 19 years since 2004 was virtually a bubble, Morgan spoke out toward the club with a sad heart.

What is noteworthy is that Kim Min-jae is also on his list. Morgan first wrote ‘Minjae’, followed by Brighton midfielder Moises Caicedo, Japanese Kaoru Mitoma, also a Brighton winger, and West Ham midfielder Declan Rice.

The last reinforcement position was a striker, and he said he needed either Doosan Blahovic, who plays for Juventus, or Victor Osimen, a teammate of Kim Min-jae.

Among them, it is reported that Arsenal, once Rice, is significantly ahead in the recruitment battle. However, there is still no indication that Kim Min-jae has entered the competition. Nevertheless, Morgan wrote Kim Min-jae at the top. It also means that Kim Min-jae’s performance this season has been known throughout Europe.

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