Let’s stop looking into it now. The more you dig, the more disappointing facts come pouring out. The reality of Dele Alli’s unbridled private life continues to emerge.

His actions before the photo of him inhaling ‘hippy crack (laughing gas)’, which has recently been the subject of great criticism, were revealed. It is revealed that Ali returned to her girlfriend’s apartment early in the morning after partying all night with her friends at a club. Reports came out that he had spent nearly 10 million won on liquor alone by ordering high-end champagne and tequila.

The Daily Mail, a British media, reported on the 16th (Korean time), ‘Just a few hours before the picture was taken surrounded by widespread hippie cracks, Ali spent the night with seven friends at a nightclub. He reported that he spent more than 6,000 pounds (about 9.74 million won) on alcohol alone, including champagne and tequila.

Ali was once a lump of talent that was even called ‘England’s future’. Until he transferred from Tottenham to Everton in January of last year, he showed excellent skills as a close friend with Son Heung-min. However, after his transfer to Everton, his brilliant talent was blown away in an instant. There are many reasons such as his injury, but the most important factor is considered to be ‘failure to manage himself’.

In particular, Ali recently appeared in a picture of ‘hippie crack (laughing gas)’, alcohol, and cigarettes for a table, causing great disappointment to fans. In the photo, believed to have been taken in an apartment in Salford, Ali was holding a balloon filled with laughing gas in her mouth. Fans criticized this appearance of Ali, who came out of Besiktas in Turkey due to an injury and was about to undergo surgery, as ‘the miserable appearance of a fallen talent genius’.

However, the background for this photo was revealed. According to The Sun, Ali was partying all night with his friends at a nightclub before this photo was taken. It was a gathering to celebrate Ali’s 27th birthday. Ali partyed all night at Manchester’s Chinawhite nightclub.

She returned to her apartment in Salford early in the morning with a group of seven men and women to continue his entertainment. It is presumed that she enjoyed taking pictures, inhaling hippie crack, and drinking more. In addition to Ali, acquaintances, including three men and four women, climbed into the same bed and took a commemorative photo. Ali tried to cover his face with his hat down in the center of the picture, it was the same hat as in the ‘hippie crack picture’.

After enjoying such an all-night party, Ali released a photo of him spending a friendly time with his girlfriend again at a hotel. She has since released photos of her undergoing hip surgery on the 15th, after which she will be “focused on her recovery,” she said. She says it remains to be seen if Ali will be able to properly proceed with her rehab. Stopping entertainment is a top priority. 메이저사이트

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