Enso Fernandes still can’t believe he came to Chelsea.

Enso confirmed his transfer to Chelsea in the English Premier League one hour before the deadline for the winter transfer window on the 1st (Korean time).

His contract period is eight and a half years until the summer of 2031, and the transfer fee is 121 million euros (approximately 162.2 billion won). He broke the Premier League’s highest transfer fee.

Enso moved to Benfica from his home country Argentina last summer and has been reborn as the highest paid Premier League player in just half a year since entering the European stage.

And after winning the ‘Young Player’ award for his performance at Benfica and his impressive play on the Argentina national team at the Qatar World Cup, his ransom soared 17 times in six months and he moved to Chelsea.

Despite Benfica’s appeal, Enso went to Chelsea with a return card to Argentina.

He is now the ‘Chelsea Man’.

But for Enso, this reality still seems like a dream. 스포츠토토

According to Portuguese media ‘Avola’ on the 13th, Enso said, “I have always dreamed of playing in the Premier League, especially at a club like Chelsea.”

At the same time, Enso confessed that he was still confused about the sudden departure to Chelsea.

According to the newspaper, Enso confessed, “It all happened very quickly. So I’m still in shock.”

He was a promising midfielder playing in Argentina last winter, but he transferred to Benfica, won the World Cup, and transferred to Chelsea within a year, so it meant that his heart was still beating.

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