World history says “Men rule the world, and women rule the men.

History has repeated itself. It’s happened again in the history of world soccer: Lionel Messi’s reign as the “God of Soccer”.

After parting ways with Paris Saint-Germain (PSG), rumors were flying about his next move. It was expected that Messi would choose between returning to Barcelona, the team he has everything to do with, and Saudi Arabia’s Al-Hilal, who offered him a €400 million ($558 million) salary. 토토사이트

But then came the “great reversal. Messi chose neither Barcelona nor Al Hilal, but the American Major League Soccer (MLS) team Inter Miami. Major media outlets, including the BBC and L’Equipe in France, reported Messi’s move to Inter, and Messi himself said, “I have decided to go to MLS Miami”.

Inter Miami reportedly offered Messi a four-year, €50 million ($70 million) per year contract.

Why would Messi choose Inter Miami?

Given Barcelona’s financial insecurity, Messi was never an option. He also reportedly had a falling out with Barcelona president Juan Laporta.

Messi was particularly resistant to the idea that if he were to return to Barcelona, some players would have to leave and others would have to take a pay cut. He wanted to make sure he didn’t damage the club.

His rejection of Al Hilal sent a clear message. He sent a message to the world that the “God of Football” is not for sale. His pride was protected. Messi’s choice to go to the United States seems to have been both pragmatic and practical.

And there was a “decisive reason” for Messi’s rejection of Saudi Arabia. It was the presence of his wife, Antonella Roccuzzo. Messi is happily married to his first love, a childhood friend who he fell in love with when he was five years old. Messi is known for being a father figure.

Roccuzzo’s opposition to Messi’s trip to Saudi Arabia was vocal. According to the UK’s Daily Mail, Rokuzo told Messi that he was against going to Saudi Arabia.

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