Antonio Conte has officially left Tottenham Hotspur. 31-year-old coach Ryan Mason, who was a potential replacement for the rest of the season, did not take over again.

On the morning of the 27th (Korean time), Tottenham announced the breakup with Conte through their official channel. It was practically rigid.

Coach Conte took on a team that was shaken during last season and regained the right to qualify for the UEFA Champions League (UCL) by finishing fourth in the league. That was it. It was confirmed that it was irrelevant due to the ups and downs this season. Now, in a situation where even 4th place cannot be guaranteed, the interview that sniped the players and clubs lit the oil. After all, I met a hard blade without being able to satisfy all seasons. 온라인바카라

Tottenham will use assistant coach Christian Stellini as acting manager for the rest of the season. The appointment of an acting manager was decided to be postponed after the end of this season.

Coach Mason also decided to assist acting manager Stellini. He took over as acting manager at the time of the sacking of former manager Jose Mourinho two years ago, and this time he was also influential, but Stellini took his place.

The British media’The Sun’ reported on the same day that “Coach Mason did not accept the club’s offer to act as manager.”

Moreover, even in the absence of manager Conte during the season, the burden was lessened because Stellini, who took the temporary baton, was there. Mason needed experience more than his immediate baton.

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