In women’s professional volleyball, Suwon Hyundai Engineering & Construction, which has maintained its lead even in the absence of a foreign player called ‘half of the team’s power’, is burning inside as it is unclear when Yasmin Bedart (27, registered name Yasmin) will return.

Hyundai E&C has maintained its lead with 6 wins and 4 losses, playing 10 games with only domestic players since Yasmin was taken off the field on the 22nd of last month due to herniated disc surgery. However, after suffering the first consecutive loss of the season in the second half of the 3rd round, Seoul GS Caltex (2-3) and Gimcheon Korea Expressway Corporation (1-3) at the end of the 4th round recorded the second consecutive loss of the season. In the meantime, Heungkuk Life Insurance in second place caught up to the bottom of the chin.

Hyundai E&C seized an opportunity to recharge through the 8-day all-star break until February 2, the first game of the 5th round, and predicted that Yasmin, who is undergoing rehabilitation, would return in early February, and expected to seize the opportunity to rebound. However, it has been reported that Yasmin is undergoing rehabilitation training, but is still unable to complete actual combat training due to strain on her back.

An official from the club said, “We originally expected Yasmin to go on the court from the 5th round, but he is doing rehabilitation training such as strengthening his muscles, but he is not in actual training.” However, players are still feeling the burden in actual training. He could be back in early February if he trains during the All-Star break, but we’ll have to wait and see.”

If Yasmin’s return is delayed, it is a big concern for Hyundai E&C. This is because domestic players, including Hwang Yeon-joo, the ‘eldest sister’ who brilliantly filled the right spot while he was absent, are in a state of decline in stamina, making it difficult to lead.

Hyundai E&C, which boasts greater depth than other teams, performed well despite Yasmin’s absence, with apogee spiker (light) Hwang Yeon-joo, middle blocker Yang Hyo-jin, and outside hitters (left) Jeong Ji-yoon and Hwang Min-kyung sharing the attack. Absence is acting as a great burden.

Therefore, for Hyundai E&C, which has been looking forward to the return of Yasmin, who ran first in the offensive category before the injury, if his return is delayed, it will inevitably have a great impact on the entire team. 안전놀이터

Hyundai E&C, which missed the opportunity to become a champion after the postseason was canceled due to the aftermath of Corona 19 despite running in the overwhelming first place last season, is desperate to win the unified championship by winning both the regular league and the championship match. That’s why Yasmin’s comeback in the 5th round is all the more desperate.

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