Italian Serie A striker Ciro Immobile has been struggling this season.

Immobile showed a good performance on the Italian stage for a long time, enough to be called the ‘King of Serie A’. Immo Bile, who made his professional debut at Juventus, went to Turin in 2013 via Genoa, where he rose to stardom by scoring 22 goals in the league alone. Afterwards, he played for Dortmund and Sevilla, but suffered the worst slump and was evaluated as an all-time high.

메이저놀이터 After failing abroad, Immobile returned to Turin and joined Lazio in 2016. In Lazio, Immobile has regained its former form. After scoring 23 league goals in his first season at Lazio, Immobile scored 29 goals the following season. He scored a whopping 36 goals in the 2019-20 season. Over the next two seasons, he consistently scored more than 20 league goals. He was nicknamed the ‘Serie A champion’ as he was the top scorer in Serie A four times.

With 190 goals in 277 matches in Lazio alone, Immobile is the all-time top scorer. Even if the category is expanded to Serie A, Immobile is ranked 9th all-time with 189 goals while playing for 4 clubs. Even if it was impossible to reach number one Silvio Piola (274 points), the prevailing prospect was that it could rise to the top 5 considering Immobile’s scoring ability.

Immobile, who was the top scorer in Serie A last season, is in poor form this season. He scored only 7 goals in 14 matches. It’s a decent record, but considering the value of the Immobile name, it’s true that it’s unfortunate. Injuries caught on. Immobile suffered muscle problems from the beginning of the season, and suffered a series of hamstring injuries following a biceps femoris injury.

In the past, the frequency of injuries was frequent, but when he returned, he showed off his scoring ability. But not this season. Excessive running every season has accumulated and acted as a burden, and the recovery is slow, and the game content and scoring ability are not meeting expectations. On the 19th (Korean time), Italy’s ‘The Radiali’ said, “It was a blow to Immobile that there was no suitable backup forward. Immobile, who played full-time as a starter every time, lost energy due to excessive appearances, leading to a deterioration in physical condition.” told

Without Immobile, Lazio is struggling to produce results. In the winter transfer market, they are focusing on reinforcing strikers, but there is no transfer news yet. Lazio fans are hoping that Immobile will come back soon and score the team-saving goals he has done in the past.

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