SSG Landers rookie pitcher Roun Lee (19) is showing a confident appearance at the campground, receiving expectations from seniors.

SSG held a practice match against the Lotte Giants at Kushikawa Stadium in Okinawa, Japan on the 1st. The result was a 3-6 defeat. However, it was a practice game where victory and defeat did not have to be meaningful. The point to pay attention to is the physical condition of the players and their sense of practice. 온라인바카라

The player who drew attention was Lee Ro-wun, a rookie. Submarine pitcher Park Jong-hoon started and checked pitching condition for two innings, followed by Baek Seung-gun, Shin Heon-min, and Yoon Tae-hyun. 1 inning pitched.

In the 6th inning, Roun Lee climbed the mound as the 5th pitcher and pitched 1 inning. Lee Ro-Woon came down from the mound with one strikeout and no runs. What is noteworthy is that he finished with 7 balls against 3 batters and shook his head at the sign of the first ball fastball from catcher Cho Hyeong-woo in his 3rd year as a pro.

Lee Rowun shook his head at the first fastball and also shook his head at the next slider sign. His choice was the third changeup. Roun Lee was playing his first professional game after completing the first camp in the United States.

His co-workers and officials also thought, ‘There must be a lot of tension’. So he expected to throw a fastball in the first pitch. However, Roun Lee chose to check his changeup rather than a fastball or slider.

After the game, he said, “I expected it to be fun before the practice game.” Next came the outside slider sign, which I waved and the third changeup sign came in. He thought it would be nice to counter with a changeup,” he explained.

For a rookie pitcher’s first pitch, I thought of a counter fight, not the pitch I’m used to. On the mound and in the bullpen, veteran catcher Min-sik Kim said, “When catchers train with each other, they say that Lee Rowun’s ball is good, his fastball is heavy, and his changeup is sharp. I think you will do well. He is good at it,” he expected.

After the game, Lee Rowun said, “It was a practice game, but we were losing. It is fortunate that the defenders finished the game quickly and without difficulty. It was good to play against players he had seen on TV,” he said.

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