What happened to Wes Brown (43), who played with Park Ji-sung at Manchester United?

Brown, who enjoyed an era in the English Premier League (EPL), declared bankruptcy. The UK’s ‘Mirror’ reported on the 20th (local time) that ‘the UK Revenue Agency (HMRC) filed a bankruptcy petition against Brown in February, and it was approved by the High Court on the 12th.’

Brown, who came from Manchester United Youth, succeeded in signing a first-team contract in 1996, and played an active part in Manchester United for 15 years until 2011. At the time, he was a ‘high-income earner’ who received £50,000 (about 82 million won) a week.

Brown, who played as a centre-back, made 362 appearances for United. He also worked with Park Ji-sung, who joined Manchester United in 2015, for seven seasons. Two years ago, Manchester United put the name of Park Ji-sung in the underrated Manchester United Best 11.

Brown said, “Park Ji-sung did his best in every game he played in. He did exactly what the coach ordered. He is a player who never stopped running.” . He was also selected for the England national team and played 23 of his A matches. 온라인카지노

However, life after his retirement was not easy. He separated from his wife last year after 20 years of marriage. He also put up for sale real estate worth 4.5 million pounds (about 7.5 billion won).

“We ended up living in a bubble. Fans may be surprised, but it’s a very cruel reality,” his ex-wife said about their financial situation a few years ago. was like that,” he complained.

Brown is broke, but has three children to raise. He will be playing in a charity football match to raise money for the victims of the Manchester Arena bombing next month.

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