There was one more evolutionary point. In addition to shortening the pitching time through the pitching motion correction that was revealed earlier, pitches were added. When the two are combined, the ball that rises faster than before passes through the top of the strike zone. This is the story of LG Jung Woo-young (24), who is always terrifyingly evolving.

There was virtually no off-season. Jung Woo-young began modifying pitching motions in November of last year. He changed his pitching mechanic to reduce stealing, but the key is his left leg. In this spring camp, Jung Woo-young rotates his body rather than inserting his left knee deeper into his upper body than before. Nevertheless, the restraint did not decrease, and Park Dong-won, who received the ball for the first time, had difficulty catching the ball.

In addition to mechanical changes, pitches were also added. On the 4th, he used a four-seam fastball in his first bullpen pitching of the year. He predicted that he would increase his highball usage rate in the new season by throwing a soaring four-seamer into the top of the strike zone. He is designing power pitching, which has evolved into a falling two-seam fastball and a rising four-seam fastball. 스포츠토토

After completing training at the Giants Complex in Scottsdale, Arizona, USA on the 6th (Korean time), Jung Woo-young said of the changed mechanic, “It feels like I am getting used to it and getting better. When he first came to Arizona as a starter, he was not satisfied with the cold weather, but he seems to be able to pitch better now that the weather has improved. He seems to get better the more he throws.”

Then, on the results of the bullpen pitching on the 4th, he said, “The data showed good redemption. However, the movement came out less than the original number. I thought about this part, but the movement was fine in today’s catch ball. Maybe it was because the mound was a little different during my first bullpen pitching. If the movement comes back, the pitching form will be corrected,” he predicted.

In bullpen pitching at the time, Jung Woo-young also threw a four-seam. In addition to two-seam and slider, he also threw four-seam, and Park Dong-won received the ball and said, “The ball rises well. It seems to be effective because it is completely different from the two-seam trajectory.”

Jung Woo-young said about the reason he threw four-seam, “Actually, I thought about it for three years. However, when I discussed with Lee Hyung (Yu) Gangnam, I decided to focus on making use of his strengths. He decided to throw well rather than throw away one ball,” he said. Dongwon hyung said, ‘If you want to be a pitcher, it’s right to do it,’ so I decided to throw a four-seam.”

The ultimate goal is location diversification. Last year, Wooyoung Jung occasionally used the top of the strike zone. However, the two-seam fastball had its limitations. He said, “Two-seam is a pitch that falls in front of the batter. So batters did not react when two-seam was high. Because the ball floats high and then falls, there were many situations where the batter just had to stand,” he said. “The four-seam movement is opposite. rise from low to high Maybe hitters will react when they throw four-seamer highballs.”

Jung Woo-young predicted that he would throw four-seam and two-seam over 150 km, saying, “There is no big difference in speed.” Last year, Jung Woo-young recorded an average speed of 151.5 km with a two-seam fastball. He’s already throwing a ball at the level of his harness, but he adds another deciding pitch. In addition, he will be a more demanding pitcher from the opposing team’s point of view if he lowers his stolen base rate with a new mechanic. He is not satisfied with improving his pitch every year, but he uses his strengths while making up for his weaknesses. He is not afraid of change for the ultimate goal of advancing to the major leagues.

Results are coming soon. Jung Woo-young will join the World Baseball Classic (WBC) team on the 15th. And he plans to take the mound before the evaluation match with NC on the 17th. Last year, the hold king is equipped with two weapons to enter the highest level of international competition.

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