SSG Landers submarine pitcher Park Jong-hoon (32) is receiving great expectations from his colleagues at the campsite. 바카라사이트

On the 12th (Korean time), Park Jong-hoon pitched in the bullpen at the 2023 Spring Camp in Vero Beach, Florida, USA. After pitching in the bullpen, he said, “I threw a fastball, two-seam, curve, and changeup. He practiced throwing his fastball a little higher,” he said.

He threw 85 pitches and checked his pitching condition. He threw more than most of his teammates. During this period, other pitchers usually throw between 30 and 50 pitches, but Park Jong-hoon far exceeded them. Lee Jae-won, who received credit from Park Jong-hoon for this part, said, “I think I got in shape quickly because I built my body well from the beginning.”

Of Park Jong-hoon’s 85 pitches, bullpen catcher Kim Gwan-eung received 10 and main catcher Lee Jae-won received 75 pitches. Both Kim Kwan-eung and Lee Jae-won said, “Park Jong-hoon’s pitching balance is really good. The ball is really good,” he said in unison.

Park Jong-hoon underwent surgery for an elbow injury in 2021 and announced his return as a starter against the KIA Tigers on July 31 last year. It took him over a year to come back, and even after a difficult return, he couldn’t throw properly.

This is because he was worried about his injury and his physical condition after surgery. The team won the ‘consolidated championship’, but it was an incomplete season for Park Jong-hoon personally. Still, he stands on the starting line healthy this year.

Park Jong-hoon said, “Last year, it felt like checking the painful part. He honestly didn’t practice much,” he regretted. Because of this, he said, “I’m trying to fill more this year. The balance has improved,” he showed confidence.

Director Kim Won-hyung is looking forward to it, saying, “My skills will come out in the second year after surgery.” Park Jong-hoon said, “(Kim) Gwang-hyeon hyung is going to the WBC tournament, so it can be difficult. (Moon) Seung-won hyung and I have to throw well,” he emphasized.

Park Jong-hoon said, “It’s cruising.” He continued, “I have Seung-won hyung, (Roh) Kyeong-eun hyung, and (Oh) Won-seok hyung, and I have a lot of selection resources.” I have worries, but as I throw the ball, I gain confidence. I hope the season comes soon. I am excited,” he said.

He said, “I want to win 10 unconditionally for this year. And I want to throw more than the season I threw the most. To do that, you need to reduce your walks. Then the innings will increase,” he added. Park Jong-hoon accumulated a career-high 14 wins in 2018 and threw the most 159⅓ innings.

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