Fans visiting the basketball court will now be able to cheer without wearing masks.

The Korea Professional Basketball League (KBL) said on the 27th, “According to the government’s quarantine policy for the novel coronavirus infection (Corona 19), it is recommended to wear indoor masks for spectators entering professional basketball from the Goyang Carrot-Seoul Samsung match on the 30th.”

As the wearing of indoor masks became mandatory in October 2020, when Corona 19 was spreading, spectators entering all indoor sports venues had to wear masks.

From September of last year, the outdoor mask duty was completely lifted, and it was not necessary to wear a mask at outdoor sports venues such as baseball and soccer fields, but spectators watching indoor sports were still applied. 메이저놀이터

However, as the government eased the obligation to wear indoor masks from the 30th, it is now possible for indoor sports spectators to watch games without wearing masks.

It seems that the coaching staff, who had difficulty in directing operations due to the mask, will be able to communicate more easily.

On the other hand, in the case of professional volleyball, there is no game on the 30th, so the game is played from the 31st.

On the 31st, the men’s Woori Card-KB Insurance (Seoul Jangchung Gymnasium) and the women’s KGC Ginseng Corporation-Korea Expressway Corporation (Daejeon Chungmu Gymnasium) will be held.

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