Only the jungler was changed, but the team power has become stronger than you can imagine. PSG Talon, who recruited Junja “Junja” Wi from Edward Gaming (EDG), has won 6 consecutive wins and has risen to the sole lead in PCS Springs with 10 wins and 2 losses.

PSG Talon, who participated from PCS Summer 2020, won the championship for the first time in Spring 2021 and also participated in the Mid-Season Invitational (MSI) held in Reykjavik, Iceland. PSG Talon, who recruited long-distance dealer ‘Dogo’ Jiuzhuan (currently Ultra Prime), who was active in Beyond Gaming at the time, as a mercenary, caused a stir by reaching the semifinals at MSI.

PSG Talon, who achieved 3 consecutive victories in the PCS League and attended the MSI and League of Legends World Championships (Rolls Cup), went on a rebuild after finishing third in the summer season last year. The roster was set with a Taiwanese player, breaking away from the basic trend of recruiting Korean coaching staff and two Korean players. PSG Talon recruited Ziwei “Foosha” Huang, a jungler from Beyond Gaming who had participated in Worlds for two years, but the other line was full of questions.

Mid laner Chun “Yubao” Changju used the summoner name “Uniboy” in the past and participated as a mercenary at Worlds 2020 and led the team to the group stage. Since then, while working for LGD Gaming and Victory Five (V5, now NIP), he was evaluated as ‘the worst mid laner in the LPL’.

The same goes for distance dealer Zhou “Wako” Wei. Zhou Weiyang, who has been active in the ahq esports club (disbanded) for four years since 2017, joined PSG Talon after going through Boom esports and Beyond Gaming, but did not receive good reviews. In particular, the World Championship held in Europe in 2019 showed the worst appearance beyond imagination.

Last year, the PCS region was held in a three-way match between CTBC Flying Oyster, Beyond Gaming, and Deep Cross Gaming. The World Championship held in North America was also attended by CTBC Flying Oyster and Beyond Gaming, not PSG Talon.

PSG Talon, who entered the 2023 PCS spring after rebuilding, showed an uneasy appearance, such as losing to Impfinity in the early stages. However, the situation changed when Junja “Junjia” Wie was recruited from EDG. According to the official, PSG Talon had doubts about the play of ‘Foosha’ and they recruited ‘Junjia’.

Junjia Yu, who took first place in Korea’s solo rank a few years ago, left LMS in 2019 to join EDG, but was pushed back by Zhao Lijie of ‘Jiejie’, who was in the same position, and was unable to play as a starter. After that, he moved to Rare Atom, but even after returning to EDG, he couldn’t find a place.

However, he is showing the best performance after joining PSG Talon. Wi Junja’s KDA is 8.9, which is second overall, and he won all six matches he participated in. PSG Talon, who recorded 10 wins and 2 losses, is two games ahead of CTBC Flying Oyster (8 wins and 4 losses) in second place. There are 6 games left, and depending on the results, it seems possible to place 1st in the regular season. 온라인바카라

I only changed one jungler, but the effect is significant. Attention is focusing on what PSG Talon will show after breaking up with a Korean player.

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