The news of Seiya Suzuki (29, Chicago Cubs)’s injury put the Japanese WBC team on emergency alert. Shohei Ohtani (28, LA Angels) is also worried. He just hopes it’s not a big injury.

According to Nikkan Sports, Ohtani said on the 27th (Korean time), “They say they are going to have a test today, but I hope they are not seriously injured.”

The average age of the Japanese national team this time is 27.3 years old. Suzuki and Ohtani have the responsibility of leading young players as second-hand veterans.

But news of Suzuki’s injury came. On the 26th, ahead of the exhibition game against the San Francisco Giants, he complained of tightness in his side. In the end, he couldn’t play, and the starting lineup was also revised.

The injured area is not good. If the side (internal oblique) injury is serious, it is impossible to compete for a long time. According to local media, he will undergo a detailed examination on the same day.

Ohtani also expressed her concern, but expressed her intention to respect Suzuki’s wishes. “I hope you don’t overdo it. It’s a long season. He’s trying to respect his ideas,” he said.

Suzuki signed a five-year, $70 million (approximately 92.2 billion won) contract with the Chicago Cubs through the posting system prior to last season and made his major league debut. He had a batting average of 0.262 with 104 hits (14 homers) and 46 RBIs in 111 games last season.

He pondered over joining the WBC national team. Because he didn’t get good grades. However, I was moved by the persuasion of director Hideki Kuriyama and decided to join. 카지노

Starting with the WBC in 2017, Suzuki has been in charge of the ‘fourth hitter’ at the WBSC Premier 12 in 2019 and the Tokyo Olympics in 2021. If Suzuki is missing, he will lose a lot of power for the Japanese national team. He is keenly aware of the results of Suzuki’s examination.

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