In the K-League 1 this year, tough competition for survival is expected.

As in last year, in the 2023 season, up to three teams in K-League 1 can be relegated. The bottom, 12th, will be directly relegated, and 11th, 2nd place in the K-League 2 regular league, and 12th place will decide whether to survive through a promotion playoff with a team that has passed the 3rd to 5th place playoffs. In other words, a total of three teams can aim for promotion in the K-League 2. 메이저놀이터

This system is welcomed by K League 2 teams whose doors to promotion have widened, but has become an object of resentment from K League 1 teams driven by fear of relegation. There are not a few first-division officials who expressed dissatisfaction, saying that the three teams, which account for 25% of the 12 teams, were excessively relegated.

A reasonable point. Just looking at the English Premier League, Spanish La Liga, and Italian Serie A, three out of 20 teams fall to the second division. In the case of the German Bundesliga, which consists of 18 teams, only two teams are relegated. It is true that there are too many relegated teams in the K-League 1, which has only 12 teams by international standards. An official from a K-League 1 club also said, “Does it make sense that a quarter of them are relegated? too many Even if you are not in the first division position, it is definitely a strange structure,” he pointed out.

The Korea Professional Football Federation is also aware of the dissatisfaction of the first division teams. However, it is believed that it is necessary to keep the promoted team at the current level as the league can be revitalized and lively by giving the second division teams a wide opportunity for promotion. “I am well aware of the opinions of the K League 1 teams. I understand,” he said, “but it hasn’t been long since the promotion and demotion system was implemented. There are some teams that continue to be founded, and we have set the direction that we should give enough opportunities for promotion. We will maintain this system for the time being.”

Like last year, this year’s K-League 1 is expected to continue a fierce battle for survival. K-League 1 is gradually leveling up. Experts agree that there is no big difference in power, except for teams fighting for the championship, such as Jeonbuk Hyundai and Ulsan Hyundai. Last year alone, the difference between Suwon Samsung in 10th place and Suwon FC in 7th place in the promotion playoffs was only 4 points. It seems that the battle of crying and laughing will continue this year as well.

Besides, there is no team that can be seen as an absolute underdog this year. The strength of the promoted teams Gwangju FC and Daejeon Hana Citizen is also formidable, so the breathing space of the mid-tier teams in the first division has become more narrow. It is not awkward to see big clubs like Suwon Samsung and FC Seoul worrying about relegation once again like last year.

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