At one time, he was the youngest player in the English Premier League Liverpool, but now 10 years later, he is running a fried chicken shop.

Eleven years ago, in 2012, Jerome Sinclair was 16 years old. Even by the time he made his Liverpool debut, his destiny was ‘cotyledon’ for success in the Premier League. However, as 10 years passed, his skills changed as well as rivers and mountains. no it went down

On the 10th, the Daily Star introduced ‘Sinclair, a rising star in Liverpool who now runs a fried chicken shop’.

Sinclair was 16 years and 6 days old when he made his Liverpool debut against West Bromwich in 2012. He was the youngest star in Jiangxi club history. Prior to this, he had been on a comet, scoring eight goals in six games for the Liverpool Under-18s.

Liverpool manager at the time, Brandon Rodgers, had high hopes for the teenage prodigy. He said, “Now things are starting to get tough for Sinclair. He’s a good player and really focused on the game. He is a player who is expected to grow greatly in the future.”

At the time, Sinclair was thrilled, saying, “It was a dream come true.” In a later interview, he said, “It was the best in my life. I was so happy to be there. Rogers called me and said, ‘I really like it. You will be here more.’ I never forgot that moment,” he recalled.

In particular, all his colleagues who played in the youth team with him were all put in as ball boys in the game, but Sinclair confidently became a Cinderella playing in the Premier League.

However, Sinclair’s dream was short-lived. He featured in just four matches for Liverpool, including his Premier League debut against Chelsea in 2015, before moving to Watford the following year.

안전놀이터 After that, he was a journeyman. He was busy changing jerseys such as Birmingham City, Sunderland, and Oxford United. Eventually, in 2021, he took off his uniform. I was born in 1996, so I was 25 years old. England U16 and U17 national team, but after 10 years, he decided to retire.

Later he opened a fried chicken chain based in Dudley, near Birmingham. Ga tells the franchise staff about the many episodes he went through while playing for Liverpool.

Sinclair said: “Now I can see that all the obstacles and all the trials and tribulations experienced in football are just the beginning.” 메이저사이트

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