A huge bomb fell on the trading market.

According to ESPN reporter Adrian Wojnalowski, Brooklyn Nets’ Kyrie Irving (guard, 188 cm, 88 kg), who requested a trade, did not mention a specific club.

If most superstars ask for a trade during the season for unavoidable reasons, they often mention clubs that could be potential destinations. But Irving didn’t mention it. However, it is known that the Los Angeles Lakers, Dallas Mavericks and Phoenix Suns are not uninterested.

Reporter Shams Charania of The Athletic said the Lakers could be the team Irving wants to trade. The Lakers are lined up with LeBron James and Anthony Davis, who have experience with him. If you join, you can take on the challenge of winning. However, it is not only a loss for the Lakers to bring him in as a trade, but it is even more questionable whether they will sign an extension contract with him later.

Already, every club in the league, including Brooklyn, and many fans know how dangerous it can be to work with Irving, who is difficult to describe, difficult to understand, and difficult to comment on. Of course, the Lakers are no different. First of all, the trade is absurd given that he has the capacity to bring him as a free agent in the offseason. 메이저놀이터

The story may be different if the negotiations are carried out under the condition that only the remaining schedule of this season be digested, but it is questionable whether the terms of the deal will be lowered as long as Brooklyn has become like this (if it trades, it is somewhat urgent to negotiate). In other words, even if the Lakers do trade in reality, it is questionable whether Irving will be willing to accept a large contract under the conditions he wants.

Reporter Wojnarowski also predicted that it would be difficult to get a good deal, considering the timing of the current trade request and Irving’s value (including his words and actions). Reporter Karania reported that Irving was hoping for a full-guaranteed contract with more than the best treatment. Considering that Brooklyn’s offer was drastically different, and he requested a blitz trade, it’s not easy to raise the terms for Irving.

Dallas and Phoenix are looking to ramp up power. Dallas is interested in securing a superstar to play with Luka Doncic. However, it is questionable whether he will be able to form a good combination with Irving because he spends half his time holding the ball half of his own and half of the other. However, it is difficult to predict that Dallas will have a lot of interest as it was mentioned locally. It is likely that Dallas will not offer good terms either.

Same with Phoenix. If Phoenix sends Chris Paul, the story could be different. However, even if the trade is concluded, the key will be how good the combination of Irving and Devin Booker will be. Moreover, Irving has a strong water supply, and after the trade, Phoenix may not be able to get an extension contract, so it should be seen that it is not easy to trade.

What’s clear is that Brooklyn looks set to trade him. Already, Brooklyn’s team atmosphere has been greatly disturbed since Irving’s trade request. Considering that Kevin Durant, the main scorer, is out with an injury, it is not easy to pick up the current atmosphere. Considering the situation before Irving demanded a trade, it is inevitable in many ways. However, currently there are no options.

With this trade request, Irving showed a lot of groundbreaking things. How important a player’s words and actions are, and he has been absent for a variety of reasons besides injuries. It may be that unvaccinated against coronavirus was just a medicine. As a result, Brooklyn suddenly fell into a position where it had to re-establish plans and ideas for this season as well as for the future.

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