Napoli’s Lunar New Year’s greetings provoked anger from Korean fans.

On the 22nd (Korean time), Naples left an article on Instagram saying, “Happy Chinese New Year.” Kim Min-jae (27) was placed in the center of the poster. It was a post to celebrate the Lunar New Year in Korea.

The phrase ‘Chinese New Year’ touched the hearts of Korean fans. Until now, Chinatowns in major cities in the Western world have been holding big events to celebrate the Lunar New Year. Therefore, New Year’s Day has been recognized as ‘Chinese New Year’. However, recently, the correct English expression ‘Luna New Year’ is being used. 메이저사이트

I posted a post written in Chinese characters on the post. Naples said, “I wish you a happy new year. I hope it will be a prosperous rabbit year.” However, in the photos uploaded together, there were only Chinese characters and English.

Korean fans are showing an unsatisfied reaction. They expressed dissatisfaction such as “If it is a team that Kim Min-jae belongs to, it seems to need sufficient review before marketing in Asia”, “It is worse than not doing it”, and “It is disappointing”.

Napoli only deleted the controversial post more than 10 hours after it was posted. Both posts are currently unavailable.

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