Streamers Lee Sang-ho and Kim Min-gyo, who visited London for simultaneous streaming of the 2023 MSI, delivered a vivid local atmosphere.

Lee Sang-ho and Kim Min-gyo have been streaming the ‘2023 LoL Mid-Season Invitational (MSI)’ simultaneously at the Copper Box Arena in London since the 18th. Along with Spain’s ‘Ibai’ and Brazil’s ‘YoDa’, they received an official invitation from Riot Games and will be in charge of broadcasting until the finals on the 21st.

On the 20th, Lee Sang-ho, who we met at the stadium ahead of the T1-BLG match, said, “I was very nervous when I first streamed on-site at the 2022 World Championship, but now I’m getting used to it a little bit.” It’s amazing that there are more people doing it than I thought. I’m even more excited because they responded a lot 먹튀검증.”

Kim Min-gyo, who was sitting next to me, joked, “It’s as comfortable as home.” He added, “The stage of the last World Championship was so big that I think I can do this MSI relatively comfortably. It’s amazing that there are many fans who fill the field even though the European and North American teams have all fallen.”

Unfortunately, all LCK teams lost in the Korea-China match that took place on the 18th and 19th. Regarding this, Lee Sang-ho said, “It’s unfortunate, but isn’t there another T1 match today? I’m looking forward to it because the story will be better if T1 grabs BLG today and beats Jingdong.”

Kim Min-gyo said, “Personally, in the last T1-Jingdong and Gen.G-BLG matches, I think China did a better job organizing the champion tier. Didn’t T1 realize a lot through those two matches? I will do it,” he said, expressing anticipation.

When asked to predict today’s results, Lee Sang-ho said 3:1 and Kim Min-gyo said 3:0. Lee Sang-ho explained, “It’s an emotional feeling because the most common score in international matches is 3:1,” and Kim Min-gyo said, “Actually, BLG did well the day before, so I think they’ll take a set, but we have to go with confidence. A clean 3: 0,” he said.

Lastly, Lee Sang-ho and Kim Min-gyo said, “Because it’s a live broadcast, there are times when shouting becomes a spoiler. Nevertheless, thank you for watching a lot. It’s all thanks to the fans that I can come to a place like this.” I hope there will be an opportunity. I am also very grateful to Riot Games for their support,” he concluded the interview.

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