Among the newcomers to the championship, Kim Bo-mi and Lee Woo-gyeong advanced to the round of 16, but Kim Jin-ah, Yong Hyun-ji, and Kim Min-young were eliminated.

Kim Ga-young took the lead with 5 consecutive hits in 7 innings in the first half in the round of 32 survival match (Bitmaru Broadcasting Support Center) of the ‘2023 Crown Haetae LPBA Championship’ held on the 3rd, then hit 6 in the 9th and 10th innings to solidify the first place.

Hida Orie ran first until six innings, but was pushed back to fourth due to an empty hit in the second half. Lim Gyeong-jin entered the round of 16 with 4 consecutive hits in 13 innings and 2 consecutive hits in the last minute, taking second place in a come-from-behind match.

Throng also maintained a steady lead and took first place in the group, making up for the humiliation of being eliminated in the last tournament.

Lee Mi-rae finished the first half in 3rd place, but in the 1st and 2nd innings of the second half, she hit 5 consecutive hits and rose to 1st place. 카지노사이트

Lee Mi-rae took first place overall with an average of 1.812, and Lee Yu-ju, who played together, ranked second with an average of 1.625.

For that reason, Jeon Ae-rin was eliminated even after hitting 1.062, the 5th overall average.

In the group of death where Lim Jeong-suk, Kim Se-yeon, and Baek Min-joo faced each other, an unknown Son Soo-yeon came up, and Lim Jeong-sook, who won 5 crowns, and Kim Se-yeon, who won 3 crowns, were eliminated.

Son Soo-yeon took first place with 61 points, and Baek Min-ju survived in second place.

Lee Woo-kyung and Kim Bo-mi scored 99 points and 85 points, taking the 1st and 2nd places with the most points, and crossed the survival river with ease.

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