Incheon United coach Cho Seong-hwan feels a sense of responsibility to live up to fans’ expectations rather than the burden of the new season.

On the 14th, a press conference was held in Incheon for the ‘2023 K-League Winter Field Training Media Camp’ at the International Hotel located in Changwon, Gyeongsangnam-do. Incheon ranked 4th last season and secured the right to participate in the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Champions League (ACL) for the first time in the club’s history. This year, which marks the 20th anniversary of the founding, they are dreaming of a bigger dream and are conducting field training in Changwon, following Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Power reinforcement was also carried out steadily. They brought in Jerso and Shin Jin-ho, who performed well for Pohang Steelers and Jeju United last season, respectively. Coach Cho, who attended the media camp, said, “If there are no injuries, if injuries are minimized, if passion does not cool down and we can continue to move forward toward a clear goal, I am confident that this is a composition that can surpass even 3rd place.”

Now, the gaze toward Incheon and the expectations of the fans have changed. Director Cho expressed this as a responsibility, not a burden. “I feel like I’m ‘alive’ these days,” he said. “I don’t think I feel pressured. I know how happy and enjoyable the fans were with the results I made with the players last year. I think it’s a sense of responsibility,” he said.

The following is the press conference of director Seong-hwan Cho, Q&A,

and the progress of winter training.

First of all, I had time to finish the season through Jeju training. During the field training in Chiang Mai, Thailand, he worked hard to improve his basic stamina and game stamina. Currently in Changwon, he is preparing for the tactical side through his practice matches. As expectations have risen, we will thoroughly prepare to produce the results that fans expect. I will do my best this season to impress even more.

How satisfied are you with the power reinforcement this season?

After the season, he communicated frequently with the Power Reinforcement Room to see if there was a position he was unsatisfied with, and recruited a good player for the position he needed. If I had to point out a little bit of regret, he was a striker. There are some things we just can’t do on our own. It may be reinforced later, but we are preparing in various ways, assuming that reinforcement is not possible.

The number 9 seat is vacant.

I don’t specify the number, perhaps with the possibility of reinforcement of strikers in mind . Players autonomously choose the number they want. I don’t know if the players were conscious, but there were no players I wanted.

There is a lot of interest in Incheon and Incheon players. At this media camp, many players were asked for interviews, which

proves that Incheon is doing well and has many good players. If there is a wish, I hope more national team players come out, from representative A to representative by age group.

There is no difference whether there are any changes in the preparation process in preparation for the parallel ACL

. If you go all-in in the league at first and get on the upswing, you can do well in the ACL as well. I plan to focus on the league in the beginning.

The way I look at Incheon has changed a lot, but

these days I feel like I’m ‘alive’. At this time of year, I have no choice but to feel pressure about grades and results, but I don’t think I feel pressure. I know how happy and delighted the fans were with the results I made with the players last year. I think it’s not just a one-time thing, it’s a responsibility to give you greater joy than last year.

In the meantime, Incheon’s goal was survival. Is this year different?

Last year, the goal was to advance into the ACL. With the idea that the organization’s goal should be set two or three steps higher, I set the ACL as a goal and sweated. In a way, it seems that we have achieved a higher goal than we actually expected. We believe in our players. They also recruited good players. We will be able to produce better grades and results than last year. I want to live up to the heightened expectations of the fans.

If you set a numerical goal, if

you look at the league average data every season, the top teams score more than 70 goals and concede around 38 goals. That is the goal this year as well. As Mugosa scored 14 goals last year and left for Japan, fans and officials were concerned. I have solved it to some extent, but I need to solve it more clearly this season. The goal of recruiting players was to recruit players who could create attack points for each position. Shin Jin-ho had 14 attack points (4 goals and 10 assists) last year. Zerso had 15 (eight goals, seven assists). Kwon Jin-jin can also score goals from set pieces. If that part accumulates, you will be able to score more than 60 goals.

What is the ACL goal?

None of the K-League clubs were eliminated from the playoffs. First of all, we need to focus on getting through the playoffs. After winning the playoffs, and then going through the group stage, we will set goals one by one. First of all, if I had to pick a goal, I think it would be to pass the group stage.

Expectations are high for the combination of newly recruited Shin Jin-ho and Lee Myung-joo, and they

are showing unchanging condition and performance in Incheon. There is an advantage to working together because I had time with Lee Myung-joo. What was disappointing for our team last year was that the share was not high. I think it is a combination that can upgrade the team not only in terms of game results but also in terms of contents. I will make a premise of

what rank you think the current team composition is .

If there are no injuries, if injuries are minimized, if passion does not cool down and we can continue to move forward toward a clear goal, I am confident that this is a composition that can surpass even 3rd place.

Which player must do well to achieve the goal? 메이저사이트

not dependent on anyone After Mugosa left, Hernandez came out, and after Hernandez was injured, the younger players did well. We have to compete as a team, and we have to make it together. If I had to pick one, I’d pick foreign players Hernandez and Gerso, as well as Lee Myung-joo and Shin Jin-ho, who should contribute to the score. It would be nice if these players could do their part.

Previously, there was a nickname ‘King of Survival’. I guess I need a new nickname now

I don’t think the expression ‘survival king’ can be used to describe us anymore. I’ve never thought about it, so I can’t think of it, but since Incheon Airport is close, I want to make a team that can always go out of the ACL.

I made a unique promise last season, but

there is only one thing left to do to fulfill last year’s promise. Passports and carriers are not yet available in the playoffs. We will make sure that you can use your passport and carrier, and provide the promised air ticket. Through consultation with the club, I would like to invite fans to make memories.

Well, it is known that Poku can play multiple positions, and he

says that he would do it even if he let the goalkeeper choose which position he sees as the best. It’s a positive mindset. He is currently occupying three positions. He sees a midfielder, a wing-forward, and also takes on the role of a ‘fake number 9’ due to the absence of a striker. He is expected to play his part in a variety of positions.

The time left until the opening, how to prepare

Before starting this season, he shared five play styles with his players. We are building a team that can switch between offense and defense quickly. And until last year, there were a lot of unnecessary backpasses. There were many cases where he missed the timing to gain a numerical advantage while using a three-back. They are focusing on gaining a numerical advantage on both sides of the offense and defense. It is also important for the players to play Incheon’s own soccer without giving up. Also, I am thinking of becoming a team that is visited by more than 10,000 spectators as my goal for this season. Fan service is important to create a home stadium atmosphere that is close to 10,000 won every time. Every time I meet my fans, I ask them to bring one or two more. If you come to us like that, we will repay you with better results and records than last year.

Incheon is the most advanced city and citizen club.

I will tell you as it is if I have any pride . The rise and fall of a club can depend on how the owner, representative, and manager fit together. As the CEO continued his term, this season started based on trust. It is a great strength from the position of being on the field. I want to set a good example for other clubs. I think that is the role of our club.

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