Doosan Bears pitcher Kim Myeong-shin (30) worked at the Gangdong Social Welfare Center from 2018 to June 2020. He was assigned to the department in charge of the ‘Elderly College’ program, took good care of up to 100 senior citizens, and taught physical education to the children of the local children’s center. While serving for 1 year and 6 months, Kim Myung-shin spent time as a cute grandson to 100 seniors and a great baseball player and teacher to children.

Working at a welfare center was a new experience for Kim Myung-shin, who lived only as a baseball player. Kim Myung-shin, who we met at the Jamsil Baseball Stadium on the 6th, said, “I’ve been working out since I was a kid. In fact, when I first went to work, it felt like I was joining a company. It was different to sit in front of a computer to work wearing clean clothes, not sportswear. Baseball players are usually I don’t have many opportunities to work part-time. I really haven’t done anything other than exercise. I think it helped my life in that way.”

Even at the welfare center, Kim Myung-shin was a stranger. Welfare center employees said they were nervous when they heard that an athlete was assigned as a new social worker. There was an image that athletes would be sloppy and scary.

As soon as he saw Kim Myung-shin, who had gone to work, his tension was relieved in an instant. He wasn’t shy or scared. Kim Myung-shin, who usually smiles well, quickly became friendly with the welfare center staff and melted into the team. The director of the welfare center was proud of Kim Myung-shin, who was the first to go to work at 7 a.m. without being late for a day, opened all locked doors, and turned on the lights.

Kim Myung-shin said, “I went to work on time at 5:30 pm and tried to exercise, so it was dark and I couldn’t see the ball. I told the welfare center, and they allowed me to go to work at 7 am and leave work at 4 pm. The director liked that I came out early. Thanks to his consideration, I went there gratefully.”

The work was done conscientiously. He even memorized the names of 100 seniors in seniors college. The elders especially admired Kim Myung-shin.

Kim Myung-shin explained, “I call the elderly after work. When the elders go on a picnic, I check the list and call again, and from Monday to Friday, I prepared for the seniors’ college class. I brought the attendance book, set up chairs, and drove to the car.” did.

He continued, “There were various programs such as Korean language class, English class, janggu class, sujichim class, table tennis class, etc. Among them, the Friday singing class was the most popular. About 100 people come to the auditorium every time. I asked, “Afterward, I memorized it all. If you don’t ask for your name and write it right away, the elders like it. The elders then gave me tangerines, yogurt, vitamin drinks, coffee, etc. On the day of the picnic, I sang in front of the elders. ” he added, smiling.

He was also a popular teacher with children. Kim Myung-shin said, “I had classes with the children once a week, but since the children come to the welfare center every day, I sat down and talked with them or bought them snacks, and I naturally became friendly with them and memorized their names. The chubby friend named Jung-min was really cute. He touched his stomach and taught baseball and T-ball. Actually, it was PE class, but it was a time to play dodgeball together and have fun. I think we had a really fun time,” he looked back.

Kim Myung-shin had a great desire to repay the welfare center for giving him a happy year and a half. In particular, the children wanted to see the teacher, a baseball player, at the baseball field. On August 12 last year, Kim Myung-shin invited 25 children from the local children’s center for honor students to the Jamsil NC Dinos game. Including the children’s guardians and leading teachers, there were about 40 people. With the help of the club, Kim Myung-shin prepared and served them game tickets, snacks, baseballs and baseball caps. On the spot, he even signed all the children’s things. Kim Myung-shin was not able to stand on the mound that day, but Doosan presented a 7-1 victory to the children who cheered enthusiastically.

Kim Myung-shin received a letter of appreciation from the Military Manpower Administration in August of last year. He replied, “I didn’t expect a letter of appreciation. It was just something I wanted to do because I had a good memory when I was working as a social worker. I received a letter of appreciation thanks to the children, so I think I should buy some bread and go to the welfare center to say hello.” laughed

Kim Myung-shin plans to discuss with the club and try to show baseball to children in the future. To do so, he has to endure as a key member of the bullpen this year. Kim Myung-shin took the mound in 68 games last year and was active in all weathers to the extent that he was responsible for 79⅔ innings. 메이저사이트 He had a meaningful year, reaching 10 holds for the first time in his life.

My New Year’s wish is to remain a sincere player as always. Kim Myung-shin said, “I don’t think I’m a player with an impact. I think it’s important to throw a lot and show sincerity in order to shine a little somehow. I will do the same next year.”

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