I am anxious from the beginning of the recruitment that must be successful. In the UK, there is already talk of ‘eating and running’.

Chelsea signed Enzo Fernandes from Benfica for £107m (approximately 170 billion won) in the winter transfer window in January. It was the highest transfer fee ever for the club, as well as the most expensive ransom in Premier League history.

The 2022 World Cup in Qatar became a life-changing opportunity for Fernandez. Until then, he was not a player that big clubs were interested in. However, he and Lionel Messi made a decisive contribution to Argentina’s championship, and his value skyrocketed.

In fact, even from the time of signing, the story of excessive overpay came out even among Chelsea fans. It is true that he is a player with excellent skills, but it is because the transfer fee was set beyond imagination.

He wore a Chelsea uniform amidst a lot of buzz, but the effect was insignificant. Chelsea have yet to win. After the recruitment of Fernandez, it was only 2 draws and 5 losses in 5 matches.

Not only the team performance, but also Fernandez’s individual performance is sluggish. Above all else, defense matters. He is allowing an average of 3 dripple breakthroughs to opposing strikers per game. 먹튀검증

The British media’The Sun’ said on the 28th (Korean time), “Among the players in the top 5 European leagues, there is no player who breaks through the dribble more often than Fernandez. Looking at various statistics, Fernandez’s sluggishness stands out more. It is a very worrying situation for Chelsea.” said.

In particular, in the previous match against Tottenham, he made a mistake that provided an excuse for a preemptive loss. Chelsea lost this match 0-2.

Some criticize that Chelsea manager Graham Porter is not using Fernandez properly. It makes Fernandez play in a different position than Argentina and Benfica and reduces his attack power.

Whatever the problem, Fernandes’ resurgence is essential for Chelsea to rebound. Chelsea is still in 10th place in the Premier League, breaking even the 50% win rate. This may not be the end of the fall.

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