Shin Min-jae of the LG Twins fully demonstrated his ability to steal base as a major runner. He created two chances, but the follow-up hitter’s timely hit didn’t explode, so he couldn’t shine more.

Shin Min-jae, who played in 14 games last year, was included in the entry for the opening game this year and played 16 games ahead of the KIA game in Jamsil on the 28th. However, there are 0 at-bats. He had 6 runs scored and 5 stolen bases (2 missed). As a large runner specialist, the starting business trip was a runner in the second half of the game in all 0 games and 16 games, stealing bases and scoring runs.

KIA and LG match held at Jamsil Stadium on the 28th. Shin Min-jae went on a business trip as a major runner on this day as well.

LG allowed Lee Woo-sung to hit a solo home run in the top of the 8th inning and tied the score 3-3. In the bottom of the 8th inning, lead batter Kim Hyun-soo picked a walk and got on base. Immediately, runner Shin Min-jae was replaced. Pitcher Jeon Sang-hyeon threw a check ball to first base and was wary of Shin Min-jae’s quick feet. Moon Bo-gyeong tried to bunt the first pitch, but it was a foul, and the second pitch was out with a floating ball to the left fielder.

Shin Min-jae succeeded in stealing second base on the first pitch in Park Dong-won’s at-bat. Following the pitcher check ball, the KIA battery pitched out from the first pitch, but Shin Min-jae started toward second base without hesitation. Upon receiving the pitched-out ball, catcher Han Seung-taek’s throw to second base missed and was made safe. Shin Min-jae’s quick feet put pressure on the battery.

However, in the first out and second base chance, Park Dong-won got a fly ball out in right field and Seo Geon-chang missed a chance with a fly ball out in center field. Shin Min-jae remained in the lineup as the designated hitter.

In the bottom of the 10th inning, after one out, Shin Min-jae returned to bat. This season, he entered the plate for the first time in 17 games. Shin Min-jae went on base with a left-handed hit against KIA finisher Jung Hae-young. On May 15, 2021, it was a hit in 713 days after hitting a hit at the Jamsil Samsung Game.

Due to the pitcher’s intensive control, Moon Bo-gyeong was unable to catch the stealing timing at bat. Moon Bo-kyung got a fly ball out to center fielder. After two deaths, Park Dong-won at bat, Shin Min-jae ran to second base on the first pitch. The KIA battery pitched out again, and was safe from catcher Joo Hyo-sang’s throw to second base.

In the 8th and 10th innings, he succeeded in stealing second base in both pitch-out situations. However, Park Dong-won backed out with a fly ball out this time, and the chance to finish was destroyed. In the end, LG was defeated 3-4 after 11 overtime matches 먹튀검증.

LG coach Yeom Gyeong-yeop recently pointed at Shin Min-jae in a briefing with reporters and said, “Please give me a lot of compliments.”

In the SSG game on the 25th, LG won with Oh Ji-hwan’s finishing hit in the 9th inning. Director Yeom praised the next day, saying, “Yesterday’s hero was Oh Ji-hwan, but Shin Min-jae created the process.”

After one out in the bottom of the 9th inning, with the score tied 4-4, Sung-joo Moon went on base with a hit, and Min-jae Shin was put in as the first base runner. Moon Seong-ju immediately succeeded in stealing second base and put pressure on the opponent’s battery with a chance to finish. Follow-up hitter Oh Ji-hwan scored a walk-off run on a double that crossed the height of the right fielder who was defending forward.

Manager Yeom said, “As Min-jae succeeded in stealing second base, he was able to pull out the defensive position in the outfield. It is more difficult for the pitcher or catcher to throw a breaking ball that bounces from the position of the pitcher or catcher to second base rather than first base with one company. Ji-hwan has a ball that can hit it.” I explained the situation.

Next, coach Yeom added meaning, “The major runner plays an important role in accumulating the number of wins as much as the starting player in a 1-point game. Over the course of a season, the major runner can even make 6-7 wins.”

On this day, Shin Min-jae succeeded in stealing two bases and rose to second place (7), one behind Kiwoom Kim Hye-seong (8), who took first place in the stealing category. Shin Min-jae showed off his stealing ability, but on this day, LG’s bold ‘running baseball’ destroyed itself with 2 runners, 2 checkers, and 1 failed base stealer.

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