Last season’s matchup between the seventh- and eighth-ranked teams was a different story. The Guangdong Freecs proved their worth as a threat to the big boys with an improved performance.

Guangdong defeated OK Savings Bank Brion in the first round of the 2023 League of Legends Champions Korea Summer Split on Tuesday at the LCK Arena Gran Seoul in Jongno-gu, Seoul, with a set score of 2-0. Guangdong’s dominance in the lane, operations, and engagements led to a convincing victory 스포츠토토.

From the first set, Guangdong showed a strong operational performance to secure the win. They only managed to get one kill before the 18-minute mark, but their objective and lane dominance pushed the gap to 3,000 gold. In the 18th minute, in a fight for the dragon, the ‘DooDoo’ mobilizer Poppy blew his opponent away with his ultimate and Guangdong won the engagement. In the 30-minute dragon skirmish without Jerry’s ultimate, Guangdong took the lead and advanced to the nexus to take game one.

In game two, Guangdong’s weight class was on full display. From the early laning phase, Guangdong took the lead in every lane CS to take control of the game. They picked up two open engagements in the opponent’s camp in the 10th minute, accelerating the pace of the snowball rolling. After widening the gold gap to 5,000 at 13-minutes, Guangdong put the pressure on their opponents by mowing down their secondary tower. After acquiring the Chemical Dragon Soul, Guangdong won the mid laning at 28-minutes and took the Elder Dragon. They then pounced on their Baron-hunting opponents, picking up three kills before advancing to the nexus and closing out the game in 30 minutes.

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