kt played a full set match, but unfortunately lost to telecom rival T1.

On the 25th, in the 2023 League of Legends Champions Korea (LCK) Spring playoff round 1 game held at Roll Park, Jongno-gu, Seoul, kt lost 2 to 3 after a full set and headed to the loser match.

Below is an interview with kt Rolster, who lost the game that day.

We lost the game unfortunately

Coach Seung-min Choi: I was more focused in the beginning than my opponent, but my concentration dropped when I got the advantage. It’s a pity that I couldn’t do that in such an advantageous situation.

‘Lehenz’ Son Si-woo: I think we lost because we were worse than our opponent.

I showed a good ban-pick in the blue camp.

Coach Seung-min Choi: I did it the way I always did. I think all five sets are more a matter of concentration rather than ban-picking.

Coach Seungmin Choi: If you win, you

gain confidence, and if you lose, you gain something. The most important issue came up today, and when you have a chance to win, the ability to maintain concentration at the moment of tension is an important skill for advancing to the finals.

Lehends: I think T1, against whom we played today, will be able to do well, and I think we can do even better. I think if I prepare better than today, I will be able to reach the finals. 메이저놀이터

The saddest moment in the 5th set

Coach Seung-Min Choi: There was no rush at the first baron. I thought it was a gap that we could win even if we went slowly, but the players seemed to be excited, and it didn’t go well there. Even after that, we made mistakes with each other, but there were many regrettable situations in the last battle before the elders. I think we didn’t

communicate well before the second baron . Ahead of the next game, coach Choi Seung-min: It’s a pity that we lost in a game we had to win, and we’ll make up for it and win the next game. Lehenz: I think the fans must have been disappointed, but I would like to ask for your support until the end because I think our performance will be weaker.

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