Tottenham striker Brian Hill (22) moved on loan to his former team Sevilla (Spain). Last summer, after requesting a direct transfer, but the transfer was canceled due to manager Antonio Conte’s opposition, he finally took the opportunity to leave Tottenham in conjunction with the joining of a new striker. It is a winter rental transfer for two consecutive years after the transfer to Tottenham.

Tottenham and Sevilla clubs officially announced Hill’s loan transfer on the 31st (Korean time). It is a 6-month lease contract without an outright transfer option. Sevilla was Hill’s home team, where he made his professional debut after spending his youth days, and was also the team he belonged to before transferring to Tottenham.

Hill wore a Tottenham uniform in the summer of 2021 with a trade of 21.6 million pounds (approximately 32.9 billion won) for Eric Lamela (32). From the perspective of his club, it was a bold investment for the future. However, in the first half of his first season, he only made 9 substitute appearances in the league. Eventually, he moved on loan to Valencia through the winter transfer window. It has been half a year since the transfer to Tottenham.

Even after returning from a loan spell at Valencia, his situation in the team was still not good. As Son Heung-min, Dejan Kulusevski, and Lucas Moura joined Richarlison in addition to existing side resources, the place to stand was further reduced. Eventually, Hill requested a transfer to the club through loan again last summer. In fact, there were also teams that actively wanted to sign Hill on loan, such as Valencia and Sevilla.

However, the transfer was canceled due to Conte’s ‘objection’. It was because another striker reinforcement, which Conte had attached as a prerequisite at the time, had not been implemented. In the end, Hill had no choice but to remain with the team as it was unclear whether he would participate as last season. In the end, he played only 4 league games (148 minutes) this season. Recently, due to a series of injuries to strikers, he was barely given a chance to start. 스포츠토토

Fortunately, the transfer window finally opened for Hill as new striker Arnaut Danjuma wore a Tottenham uniform through the transfer window this winter. He received a love call from his home team, who had long wanted to sign him on loan, and was finally able to leave Tottenham and take on a new challenge.

From the player’s point of view, however, it is bittersweet to transfer through the winter transfer market for two consecutive seasons. This is because it means that he has not adapted to Tottenham and the English Premier League (EPL) stage as much. It is also a pity that the Tottenham club, which invested a lot in recruiting Hill, could not properly utilize him for the second season. Hill’s contract with Tottenham runs through June 2026.

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