Hanwha’s former head coach Subero, who was sacked at the beginning of the season, expressed his position that he “respects the club’s decision.”

Former coach Subero visited Daejeon Eagles Park, the home stadium, on the afternoon of the 12th. After going to the manager’s office and packing up, he greeted the staff of the Hanwha club.

Regarding the sudden notification of his resignation, former coach Subero said, “There was no conflict with general manager Son Hyuk, and I respect the club’s decision.” I hope to win,” he said in an exclusive interview with KBS.

As soon as he finishes putting his personal affairs in order, former coach Subero will end his two-year life in Korea and will leave for Orlando, the US, the day after tomorrow with his wife.

Former head coach Subero received a notice of resignation from the club right after the game against Samsung yesterday. Afterwards, he said goodbye to the players preparing for the Incheon expedition in the locker room. Former coach Subero stayed for an hour, shaking hands with each player and encouraging them. All the players shed tears at the sudden news.

The following is a Q&A with former coach Subero.

  • How are you feeling right now?
    I was so grateful to be able to come to Korea and coach the Hanwha Eagles. I was happy to see the players grow, but it is sad that I had to drop out. But I understand the club’s decision. I am also grateful to the fans. such a great fan Regardless of win or loss, they cheered us on everywhere. I am grateful to be able to experience these fans.

-I received a hard notice right after the match.
It’s a team decision. The coaching staff cannot be involved. We are only involved in the game. Players shouldn’t give up on growing. Later, if the players win the championship, they will be able to rejoice.

-Has there been a conflict with the leader?
The great thing about baseball is that managers and general managers, coaches and players don’t all view baseball the same way. It is impossible to look at baseball in one way. Of course, there are things we can’t agree on. I don’t want to make a big problem out of forgetting about those things and not agreeing to them. I want to say thank you for trusting me for the past two years.

-What would you like to say to the Hanwha players?
did it all last night thanks! It was such a wonderful companion, and all the players cried. I also cried like a baby. We loved each other enough to cry together. There is also a life after baseball. My career as a manager ends here, but my relationship with the players doesn’t end there.

-The Hanwha players say that coach Subero is like a father.
I want to be respected as a person, not as a director. that’s my achievement I treated each player like my own son 먹튀검증.

-What do you want to say to Korean baseball fans?
Fans make the KBO league special. It was the adrenaline of the arena. I think the 2021 season was good, and last year was great. It’s been great this season. No matter where you go, the passion that fans pour out at the baseball field is enormous. Hanwha fans are special. Now that I’m leaving the team, you can believe that I’m sincere. I also saw many posts posted on social media. Thank you for your support, and I wish the Hanwha Eagles a championship.

-What is your favorite memory in Korea?
He has always shown me kindness. There are hard-working people and Korean friends I leave behind, but the best among them are the players. I’ve been coaching for a long time, but the Hanwha players are my best memory in Korea. Thank you so much for the interpreter next to me.

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