The PGA Championship, a major event on the American professional golf PGA Tour, is in progress.

In Korea, while Lee Kyung-hoon was the only player to pass the cut, Kim Joo-hyung showed off his mud fighting spirit and stood at the center of the topic. 카지노사이트

This is Reporter Cho Hyun-sun.

I pull up my legs as hard as I can with my hands on the ground.

He barely gets out of the forest grass as if he is about to fall.

I went into the creek right next to Burinake, and my legs, which were covered with mud so much that I could mistake them for pants, turned white.

Forearms, t-shirts, etc. are still muddy.

Joo-hyung Kim starts to get twisted as his tee shot on the 6th hole turns and the ball falls into the mud.

In the end, I couldn’t find the ball, and I prepared the following with the judgment that “it can’t get worse than this.”

Figman from the United States calmly prepares for his tee shot on the 18th hole.

He is suddenly distressed and bends over his body.

“DeChambeau’s tee shot hit Pigman’s back.”

DeChambeau hit Pigman on the 17th hole and hit Pigman in the back.

The appearance of DeChambeau, who came to apologize to Pigman, is somehow strange.

It is quite different from the past when he weighed 110kg while ‘bulking up’ for long hits with a distance of 400 yards.

Eventually, health problems led to a loss of weight by cutting my daily intake in half.

[Bryson DeChambeau / Pro Golfer]
“Starting in August of last year, the inflammation in my body disappeared and I lost a lot of fat. I lost 8kg in 24 days.”

Nevertheless, his skills remained the same with a record 366 yards.

In the midst of this, in the second round match held today, Schaeffler of the United States took the lead.

Among the Korean players, Kyunghoon Lee was the only one to pass the cut.

This is Cho Hyun-seon from Channel A News.

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