Born in Turkey, Volcan Demirel is one of the greatest goalkeepers in the history of Turkish football. It is literally a legend of Turkey.

Since 2001, he has been playing for the Turkish youth national team. He played as an adult national team from 2004 to 14 and kept the goal. 온라인바카라

He also has a relationship with Kim Min-jae, who is currently active in Naples. He played 17 years from 2002 to 2019 only for Türkiye Penerbahce.

And even after his retirement, Demirel served as head coach at Fenerbahçe until 2021. Kim Min-jae also played on the same team from 2021 to 22. He had a brief, albeit short, relationship as a head coach and defender.

After that, Demirel took over as head coach of Fatih Karaguimluk SK and last year as head coach of Hatayspor. Hatayspor, which I am currently in charge of, is very close to the epicenter of this Turkiye earthquake. Hatay, the hometown of Hatayspor, suffered great damage from the earthquake.

In addition, after playing a home game the day before the earthquake, Demirel’s players stayed at home and could not avoid the earthquake that struck at 4:00 am local time last Monday.

Notably among his players is English Premier League side Chelsea and Newcastle winger Christian Arts. Artz was missing while sleeping in his apartment when it collapsed and was buried under the rubble of the building. However, Artz was said to have been dramatically rescued after two days and was admitted to the hospital.

Demirel, who was hit hard by the earthquake, tearfully appealed for help to Turkiye through a live broadcast on social media.

On the 7th, he asked for salvation through a live broadcast, saying, “Please help, people are dying.”

He said, “I was worried about the team players immediately after the earthquake. But he has no way to contact me. The situation is very bad,” he said of the earthquake damage. In the end, he sobbed during the broadcast and once again appealed to Turkiye for help.

In this live broadcast video, comments were uploaded in real time. Perhaps football fans around the world are responding to Demirel’s appeal.

Meanwhile, as of 9:00 am on the 8th, more than 7,800 people have died due to the earthquake. The death toll continues to rise, with up to 20,000 expected to die.

A soccer player was also among the dead. The British BBC reported on the 8th that “Turkiye goalkeeper Ahmet Turkaslan died in an earthquake.”

His team, Malatyaspor, also announced on social media that “Our goalkeeper, Turkaslan, lost his life in the collapse of the earthquake.”

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