Yoo Hwan-joong of ‘Delight’ revealed his thoughts on the ‘One Deal Support’.

On the 9th, at the LCK Arena located in Roll Park, Jongno-gu, Seoul, the first round of the regular season of the ‘2023 LCK Spring’, Genji vs. Nongshim Red Force, was held.

Gen.G, who won the first set that day, was swayed by Nongshim’s spicy performance in the second set, but did not miss the opportunity and made a perfect initiation. 메이저놀이터

In an interview with Xports News after the match, Hwanjoong Yoo shared the concept of the two-set combination, which was a little unfamiliar to him, his thoughts on the newly applied patch, and the strengths of Soo-hwan Kim “Faze” and Jeung-hwan Park “Henna”.

The following is the full text of the interview with Yoo Hwan-joong.

Congratulations on your victory. How do you feel about winning 2-0 and even getting POG in the first set?

It’s good to win 2:0, and it feels good to receive POG as a service.

What did you prepare before playing Nongshimjeon?

Rather than worrying about the opposing team, we went into the game with the mindset that we should play well.

Why did you use Sivir-Ash instead of Ash-Heimerdinger in the first set?

In terms of composition, I thought the Sivir AD would be better. Since we picked Wukong, we tried to ease Wukong’s initiation with Sivir Palace.

Conversely, the opponent is Aphelios,

The opponent picked Alistar with the Sivir counter, but we had an advantage in the early stages, so we should have put pressure on it, but it’s a pity we didn’t. In the case of Aphelios, we talked about paying attention to the timing of gravity cannons and flame cannons.

In the 2nd set, a rather unfamiliar combination appeared. What concept did you use to create the combination?

Centering on Alice, we talked about getting a pick like Tristana and working hard on the upper body.

There were many difficult moments in the second set, how did you try to overcome them? Also, who made the last initiating call?

A lot of mistakes were made in the beginning, which made the game difficult. So, while playing side games, we all called together to fight at the timing when the opponent took a long turn.

Due to the patch, Yumi no longer appears, and Heimerdinger appears less often than before.

It’s okay because I didn’t have any particular attachment to Heimerdinger. When you go in, it’s just like ‘go in well’.

Do you think the upcoming meta changes will have a positive effect on Gen.G?

I think it’s good news for me because I’m good at tank support composition.

Various ranged damage champions such as Jin Support and Caitlin Support are appearing as supports. I am curious about Delight’s personal thoughts on this.

It’s fun to play in solo queue, but when the opponent pulls it out of the tournament, it’s a two-one deal, so it’s difficult to deal with, so I think it’s a pick that should be eliminated. It’s like ‘I’m satisfied with this’.

Last season, you teamed up with ‘Henna’, and this season, you teamed up with ‘Face’. What are the strengths of the two players?

‘Henna’ communicates a lot with his teammates and is good at playing the game himself. ‘Face’ is good on his own, and he’s good at positioning himself in teamfights.

Do you have any personal goals for this season?

I always set a standard for myself before the start of the season, and my goal is to play the game according to that standard. Also, since last year’s Gen.G bottom duo did well, I think I need to do just as well as they did. I want to show you a better image by working hard.

Our next opponent is kt Rolster. Recently, kt’s momentum is unusual. What is your resolution?

Since kt is a good team, we will not be vigilant and prepare well to win.

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