Tottenham Hotspur chairman Daniel Levy has set a price tag of at least 2.5 billion pounds (approximately 3.8152

trillion won) for the club. However, the possibility of a 100% sale of the club is currently very low.

It was recently reported that Levy and the chairman of Qatar Sports Investment (QSI) met. Local media such as Britain’s ‘Sky Sports’ reported on the 9th (Korean time) that “Last week, Tottenham’s Levy and Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) president Nasser Al-Khelaifi met at a London hotel.”

It could be the beginning of a Tottenham takeover. Chairman Al-Khelaifi is looking to expand his business and wants to realize his ambitions through active investments through Tottenham as well. However, it is known that there was no specific exchange of opinions at the meeting and no decision was made. 바카라

Current Tottenham owner Joe Lewis wants a complete sale. Britain’s ‘Daily Mail’ said on the 14th, “Tottenham’s owner Lewis prefers a complete sale,” and reported that if Tottenham is put up for sale, it is likely to proceed in the form of a club acquisition rather than a stake sale.

Chairman Levy presented a specific price tag. Britain’s ‘The Boot Room’ said on the 24th, “Chairman Levy has decided how much he will sell Tottenham. He will ask for at least 2.5 billion pounds (about 3.8152 trillion won) for the sale of Tottenham. The same price as potential buyers. It was clearly mentioned in the conversation in

The standard was ‘rival’ Chelsea. According to the media, Chairman Levy calculated that Tottenham is worth as much as Chelsea sold to a consortium led by Todd Boelli for reasons such as ‘state-of-the-art stadium, training ground, London, frequent Champions League appearances’. At the time, Chelsea was acquired for £2.5 billion, so Tottenham also wants that amount.

However, the possibility of taking over the club is unclear. According to Britain’s ‘The Athletic’, current chairman Al-Khelaifi is considering buying only a 15% stake in Tottenham. ‘The Boot Room’ also dismissed the possibility of a complete sale of Tottenham, saying, “As of now, QSI is not in talks to completely acquire Tottenham.”

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