Song Yu-jin, the goddess of curling, gave an interesting interview related to ‘family’.

On January 31st, at the Uijeongbu Curling Center, the venue for the 2023 Winter Sports Festival, we were able to meet players from Jeonbuk Provincial Office who are working hard on training.

In particular, I was able to meet Skip Shin Ga-young, who shouted “sweep” and instructed the direction of the stones, and Song Yu-jin, who has already been loved by many curling fans as a ‘curling goddess’.

Skip Shin Ga-young as if she was ‘married to curling’. She blurted out, “Her parents say to get married soon…” she was asked a surprise question.

She said, “Would you rather win an Olympic gold medal and be single for the rest of your life, or win a silver medal and have the perfect marriage?”

“I have a lot of worries, but now I am thinking that I am desperate for a gold medal,” said Skip Shin Ga-young, who laughed for a long time.

Then, Song Yu-jin and her third team were asked questions.

Song Yu-jin, a former athlete (shot put – track and field), was strongly opposed by her mother who keenly felt the difficulties of being an ‘athlete’. However, she is currently active as a ‘curling goddess’ and she creates numerous famous scenes in every match. 토토사이트

Song Yu-jin, who thought for a long time about the question of the decisive moment that broke her mother’s stubbornness, tilted her head, saying, “There was also a personality part. The more my mother objected, the more I devoted myself to sports. I don’t know why.”

However, he explained, “I tried my best. At home, I tried to plant the perception that I can ‘give’ my parents’ help, instead of ‘receiving’ it, by taking initiative in planning trips. I think this is probably because of this.” finished

As a common question, we asked the difference in the women’s division (four-member group) felt by the two players who were active in the mixed double (male-female duo).

Regarding this, both players explained, “There are differences in the game, but the part that touched me the most was coordination of opinions. .

Lastly, we asked about ‘boyfriend’, the question that fans would be most curious about.

Shin Ga-young Skip sent her a kiss with the words “I don’t have a boyfriend, please contact me”.

Song Yujin’s third also made a witty gesture with the words “I don’t have a boyfriend either, please contact me”.

Skip Shin Ga-young and Yu-jin Song third who seem to be getting married to curling. The two players are scheduled to capture the hearts of curling fans at the National Winter Sports Festival (Winter Sports Festival) at 7:00 pm on the 11th.

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