Seung-min Koo, a ‘trustworthy man’ who visited the initiation ceremony to welcome Kang-nam Yoo, Jin-hyuk Noh, and Hyun-hee Han, who transferred to the Lotte Giants through the qualification of ‘FA (Free Agent)’ this offseason, made a big change (?) suffered

On the 19th at 11:00 AM, Lotte held a ceremony for Kangnam Yoo, Jinhyuk Noh, and Hyunhee Han in the Sapphire Room on the 41st floor of Lotte Hotel Busan in Busan.

Lotte Holdings promised massive support last winter to give its subsidiary Lotte Giants “wings” for the 2023 season. Lotte Holdings decided to issue a paid-in capital increase of 19 billion won to improve its financial structure. With the strong support of the parent company, Lotte showed off a ‘broad run’ this winter.

In October of last year, Lotte announced the start of investment by signing an extension contract with ‘Ace of Glasses’ Park Se-woong for a total of 9 billion won for 5 years (annual salary of 7 billion won, option of 2 billion won). And in November, Kangnam Yoo was recruited through a contract worth 8 billion won (down payment 4 billion won, annual salary 3.4 billion won, option 600 million won) for 4 years, and the home room, which was considered a chronic problem, was reinforced.

The unstoppable move continued. Two days later, Lotte signed a 4-year, 5 billion won contract with Roh Jin-hyeok (down payment 2.2 billion won, annual salary 2.4 billion won, option 400 million won), and on the 17th, 3+1 year, total 4 billion won (down payment 300 million won, annual salary guaranteed 1.5 billion won). , Option 2.2 billion) even recruited Han Hyun-hee. This winter, Lotte spent a whopping 17 billion won on FA players alone.

On this day, general manager Seong Min-kyu, vice-captain Park Hyeon-woo, head coach Park Heung-sik, and team representatives Seung-min Koo and ‘Captain’ Chi-hong An attended and welcomed Kang-nam Yoo, Jin-hyeok Noh, and Hyun-hee Han. Koo Seung-min and Ahn Chi-hong handed the new faces a bouquet of flowers, and the new Lotte uniforms responded with smiles.

The initiation ceremony was full of ‘laughter’. The joy of being recognized for his value through a big contract shone with a splendid ‘talking talk’. Coincidentally, the target (?) on this day was Koo Seung-min. Kang-Nam Yoo, Seung-Min Koo, and Hyun-Hee Han were asked about ‘the player who was uncomfortable playing against Lotte’. Then, Noh Jin-hyeok picked Seung-min Koo as the player he regretted being on the same team. 안전놀이터

Koo Seung-min was nominated by Lotte with the 52nd overall in the 6th round of the 2013 rookie draft, and is Lotte’s ‘reliable man’ with a record of 21 wins, 21 losses, 86 holds, 2 saves and an ERA of 4.50 in 315 games. However, in his career head-to-head confrontation with Noh Jin-hyuk, it was not very good with 1 home run and a batting average of 0.333 (3 hits in 9 at-bats).

Noh Jin-hyeok replied, “Dan Strayley was having a hard time, but it’s so fortunate. And I couldn’t hit Han Hyun-hee’s ball, so it’s great to come with Lotte. But it’s a pity that I couldn’t hit Koo Seung-min’s ball,” making the ceremony a sea of ​​laughter.

Yoo Kang-nam was happy to be on the same team as Koo Seung-min. Kang-Nam Yoo was very weak against Seung-Min Koo with no hits in 8 at-bats. The only thing he managed to get on base with was a ball that hit him. Yoo Kang-nam laughed, saying, “I couldn’t hit (former) Seung-min hyung’s ball well. He threw a lot of forkballs at me.”

On the other hand, Han Hyun-hee expressed regret for Noh Jin-hyeok and joy for Yoo Gang-nam. Roh Jin-hyeok struggled against Han Hyun-hee with a batting average of 0.143 with 1 hit in 7 at-bats, and Yoo Kang-nam was strong with 6 hits in 15 at-bats with a batting average of 0.400. Han Hyun-hee said, “(Roh) Jin-hyeok is on the same team as my brother. On the contrary, (Yoo) Kang-nam, who hits my ball well, is good to come.”

The atmosphere after the initiation ceremony was also friendly. After the initiation ceremony, Koo Seung-min joked to Noh Jin-hyuk, “What if I bring out my name?”, and Noh Jin-hyeok replied, “You should be grateful that your name came out.”

Koo Seung-min said, “In the meantime, I had the thought that ‘Jin-hyeok should not lose to hyung.’ He scolded him, saying, ‘How do you only throw a fastball?’ From then on, the bad luck started. It’s good to strike out, and if you get hit, I can’t sleep well. I was happy to eat a bowl of rice.

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