Stephanos Tsitsipas (Greece, 4th place) overcame a reverse sweep crisis in the Australian Open round of 16 and advanced to the quarterfinals.

Chichipas won 6-4 6-4 3-6 4-6 6-3 against Yannick Shiner (Italy, 16th place) in the men’s singles round of 16 held at Park Road Laver Arena in Melbourne, Australia on the 22nd.

Chichipas struggled with thinner mid-game drop shots. However, with strong serve and forehand, Shiner was strongly pressed, and as Shiner’s forehand errors increased in the second half, Chichipas won. With this win, Tsitsipas widened his match against Shiner to 5-1.

A fierce stroke battle unfolded from the first set. In a stable and powerful one-stroke fight, Chichi Pas succeeded in breaking from his first game and showed a good start by defending all four break points in his service game that followed. Afterwards, they exchanged breaks once in the second half of the first set, and Shiner could not narrow the gap by one game, and Chichipas took the first set.

The second set went in a similar way to the first set. Chichipas succeeded in breaking first and gained momentum, followed by Shiner chasing. Thinner changed the game style and utilized the drop shot attack. However, in the ground stroke fight, he was pushed back little by little and gave up the initiative. In the ninth game, Chichipas showed extensive court coverage and succeeded in breaking once again with a forehand angle passing shot, and won the second set by defending the service game that followed.

At the beginning of the 3rd set, Chichipas’ concentration was a little disturbed. He missed two chance balls and almost gave a break to thinner for the first time in the game, but he succeeded in defending the break point four times as in the first set. However, in the 4th game following thinner, he succeeded in breaking by using a surprise drop shot. Shiner, who gained momentum, took the third set with a faster average forehand speed than Chichipas.

Thinner, who gained momentum, succeeded in breaking first this time, and ran away with the game score 3-1. By Game 4, Tsitsipas had a first serve scoring rate of less than 50%, while Sinner had gone ahead with a 100% first serve scoring rate. Afterwards, Thinner created 6 break points and put pressure on Tsitsipas, and took the 4th set 6-4.

Balancing the set score 2-2, Shiner committed three consecutive self-accusation errors in the fourth game and was in danger at 0-40, but overcame them all and kept the game. However, Thinner once again brought himself to a crisis in the 6th game and gave up the break, and Chichipas took the lead. Chichipas won the final game, recording the highest speed of 210 km/h in this game. 스포츠토토

Tsitsipas’ opponent in the quarterfinals was Jirzy Rehechka (Czech Republic, 71st), who defeated Felix Ozer-Aliasim (Canada), ranked 7th in the world, with a set score of 3-1. Rehechka, who made his first appearance at the Australian Open last year and closed the tournament in the first round, is on a career high by reaching the quarterfinals for the first time in his life.

Meanwhile, Karen Khachanov (Russia, No. 20) and Sebastian Korda (USA, No. 31) advanced to the quarterfinals by defeating Yoshihito Nishioka (Japan, No. 33) and Hubert Hurkatz (Poland, No. 11), respectively. Fight for advancement into the river.

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