“The GOAT of the GOATs (Greatest Of All Time) is leaving.”

On the 2nd (Korean time), the homepage of the National Football League (NFL) announced the retirement of quarterback Tom Brady (46, Tampa Bay Buccaneers) as follows. Brady said on social media the day before, “I’ll just get to the point. I’m retiring. Forever.” Then he greeted, “I won’t be wordy. Last year, when I announced my retirement, I wrote all the lengthy expressions. Thank you to those who have supported me so far.” Brady is the best quarterback of all time, winning 7 Super Bowl championships, 5 Super Bowl MVPs, and 3 regular league MVPs in 23 seasons. In particular, Super Bowl victories and MVP are his personal all-time records. Brady’s number of Super Bowl victories is greater than the six Super Bowl championships of the New England Patriots and Pittsburgh Steelers, so he is called “greater than the team.”

This is the second time Brady has announced his retirement. He announced his first retirement in February of last year, saying, “I don’t think I will be able to devote myself competitively (on the field) anymore. It’s time to focus my time and energy on other areas that require my attention (home).” He planned to spend more time with his wife, Gisele Bundchen, 43, a former model, and their son Benjamin, 14, and daughter Vivian, 11. However, Brady could not easily shake off his lifelong attachment to the field. Eventually, in March of last year, he said, “In the past two months, I realized that the place I should be is on the field, not the stands. There will come a time when I have to retire, but not now. My career is not over.” overturned

Brady, who chose the NFL over his family, paid the price. He divorced his wife Bundchen in October of last year after 13 years of marriage. Her buncheon was because she wanted her husband to be faithful to her and her children. It was news that shocked the American sports and entertainment world. The two, who got married in 2009 as a ‘superstar couple’, were famous as a ‘lovebirds’ among Americans.

It was a field that changed home, but Brady did not perform as well as expected. His touchdown count was 25, a halving from his last season (43). Passing yardage has also decreased significantly compared to before. He endured with one skillful skill that succeeded in ‘one shot’ in the match. With a high pass success rate of 66.8% in 17 games, the team took first place in the Southern Division of the National Conference for the second consecutive year. However, his dream of winning the 8th title was never realized. Tampa Bay, led by Brady, was eliminated by the Dallas Cowboys 14-31 in the first round of the playoffs, the wild card game, on the 17th. After this game, Brady’s contract with Tampa Bay also ended. The New York Times of the United States gave a negative review, saying, “This season did not go according to Brady’s plan. Was it worth playing (overturning his retirement)?”

Some speculate that Brady may overturn his retirement once more. It is difficult to say that he endured a divorce just to play for one more season. The fact that he is still at a competitive level in the NFL, even if his skills are not in his prime, adds to the theory of extending his active career. On Brady’s social media, there are many comments from fans saying, “Let’s see if he comes back in a few days this time.” However, the prediction prevails that he will not return this time. This is because he already signed a huge commentary contract with Fox Sports last year. The size of the contract is a huge sum of 375 million dollars (approximately 457 billion won) over 10 years, which is more than the total annual salary Brady received while playing as an active player. 슬롯사이트

The Tampa Bay team put up Brady’s number 12 with the hashtag ‘#ThankYouTom’. Next-generation star quarterback Patrick Mahomes (Kansas City Chiefs), who is being discussed as Brady’s successor, plastered a goat icon meaning ‘GOAT’ on social media. Tottenham’s special striker Harry Kane of England’s professional football also congratulated the goat icon, saying, “Congratulations on retiring with great achievements. Let’s meet at the golf course.”

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