Korea reached the final in the ‘Sudirman Cup’, a national badminton competition.
Ahn Se-young, dubbed the ‘Badminton Queen’, became the number one contributor to advancing to the finals by defeating her opponent in her third match, her final match.
Reporter Kim Han-joon reports.

Although he receives Ahn Se-young’s attack twice, he is helpless against the continued strong smash.

She even gets her opponent tripped by her unexpectedly slow attack.

Ahn Se-young’s last drop shop was successful, and the match ended 2-0.

Korean badminton star Ahn Se-young brings victory in her third match against Malaysia 1-1.

▶ Interview: Ahn Se-young / National Badminton Representative

  • “I was very heavy because I ran a lot yesterday and today, and it hurt a lot. (But) I thought playing badminton, which I wanted to do, would help the team…”

Korea, which gained momentum, defeated Malaysia in the fourth match, men’s doubles, and advanced to the final with 3 wins and 1 loss.

It is the first time in six years that Korea has reached the final in the biennial Sudirman Cup.

World No. 2 Ahn Se-Young defeated Japan’s Yamaguchi, Japan’s No. 1, and Tai Ziying, Taiwan’s No. 3, in this tournament to advance his team to the finals 안전놀이터.

If Ahn Se-young defeats China’s Chen Yu-fei, who is ranked 4th in the world rankings, who is expected to face him in the finals, he is expected to be reborn as the world’s strongest player in name and reality.

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