“Russian naturalization in August after receiving pension in July is not true.”

Short track Olympic gold medalist ‘Victor Ahn’ Hyun-soo Ahn, who applied for the coaching position of the ice team at Seongnam City Hall, opened his mouth for the first time on the 7th through social network services (SNS) to the controversy over his ‘receipt of pension’ and ‘naturalization’ surrounding him.

On the 7th, Ahn Hyun-soo said through a statement, “I am Victor Ahn “, “I had no choice but to be silent to speak after the announcement, judging that the recruitment process was in progress and could cause misunderstanding.” He explained the reason for the silence. He said, “I have lived exclusively with sports for 30 years, and it is difficult for me to express my voice due to my personality.” I will tell you without saying,” he opened the opening. 스포츠토토

Ahn Hyun-soo said, “I left for Russia in June 2011, and while talking with the president of the Russian Skating Federation about future training plans, I received a ‘naturalization proposal’.” He told me about Tatiana Borudolina, a female athlete, so it’s true that I knew that dual nationality was possible and looked into it.” But “I’m a ‘special case’ like that player.

It is explained that as the naturalization process was belatedly disclosed through the Russian media in August, there was a misunderstanding in Korea that seemed like a ‘stomp’ that decided to naturalize in August right after receiving the pension in July. According to officials in the ice skating world, Ahn Hyun-soo is said to have delivered some of the pension he received as a lump sum to the late Noh Jin-gyu’s family, who was a ‘junior college student at Korea National Sport University’. He appears to be one of the ‘junior athletes in need of rehabilitation and treatment’ mentioned in the position statement.

Ahn Hyun-soo continued, “After naturalization, I was cautious about appearing in the media, and I thought it was right to focus only on the movement.” “he said.

Ahn Hyun-soo became a hot topic last month when it was known that he had applied for an open recruitment for the ice team coach position at Seongnam City Hall. Immediately after passing the document screening, the application was made public through a media outlet, and the controversy grew as the Korea Skating Instructors Federation issued a statement opposing former Chinese national team coaches Victor Ahn and Kim Seon-tae, who applied for the coaching position at Seongnam City Hall. At the time, the federation argued that Viktor Ahn received an Olympic gold medal pension in a lump sum before being naturalized from Russia, and former coach Kim was disciplined for falsely reporting Shim Suk-hee’s assault damage when he was the national team commander. Ahn Hyun-soo eventually fell from the horse in the crossfire of public opinion, and after that, the Skating Leaders Federation became known as an aide to a specific candidate, and the disciplinary history of the specific candidate was not an issue, and as a coach at Seongnam City Hall, he set out to push public opinion to push a specific candidate. Suspicions have been raised

Ahn Hyun-soo is the best short-track star and a recognized ‘genius skater’ who won three gold medals at the 2006 Turin Winter Olympics. In 2011, after Seongnam City Hall, the team he belonged to at the time, disbanded the ice team, he chose to become a naturalized Russian to continue his career as an athlete, and proudly won three gold medals at the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics. He announced his retirement as an athlete after his qualification for the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang was canceled, and served as the technical coach for the Chinese national team at the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing. Ahn Hyun-soo, who traveled to and from Korea, Russia, and China, from his teens to his 30s on the ice with the best skating skills from the 2006 Turin Olympics to the 2022 Beijing Olympics, was hotly debated over the return to Korea, but amid opposition from public opinion, Ahn Hyun-soo at Seongnam City Hall was excluded from the final candidates, and on the 31st of last month, the controversy was over by announcing ‘no successful candidates’. Below is the full text of Ahn Hyun-soo’s SNS statement, “Victor Ahn”.

[Ahn Hyun-soo’s entrance statement]


This is Victor Ahn . I’m sorry that my name has recently risen due to a noisy issue at a time when everyone is having a hard time.

The reason why I couldn’t answer the questions you were curious about was that the recruitment process was in progress, so I had no choice but to be silent to speak after the announcement, judging that it could cause misunderstanding.

I’ve been working out for 30 years, and it’s difficult for me to express my voice due to my personality. As a result, I will tell you the process without any lies about the most controversial part right now.

I left for Russia in June 2011, and while meeting the president of the Russian Skating Federation and talking about future training plans, he suggested and Tatiana Bordolina, a female player with dual citizenship in Russia and Australia, in the Russian team. You said. So, it is true that I knew that dual citizenship was possible and looked into it.

However, after realizing that I did not qualify as a like that player, I felt the sincerity of a good athletic environment, a team to train with, and the trust of President Alexei Kravtsov , I decided that it was right to return the lump sum I received, so I donated the entire amount to . However, as the Russian side reported that the naturalization process was going on in August, the Korean side was mistakenly informed as if they had received their pension first in July and decided to naturalize in August. Naturalization was announced in August, but everything was decided in July and proceeded according to the procedure. After naturalization, I was more careful about being in the press and thought it was right to focus only on sports. In the future, I will humbly accept the criticism of the people who have to choose naturalization for any reason, and I will try to speak out as much as possible so that these misunderstandings do not accumulate.

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