Samsung’s dugout ahead of the second game against SSG held at Lions Park in Daegu on the 12th. One word written on the board caught my attention.

‘Dakgong without fear’. I even boxed it with a red line for emphasis.

Samsung coach Park Jin-man, who found this phrase while entering the dugout for a media briefing, waved his hand, saying, “I don’t know,” when asked, “Did the coach write it?”

Even so, he laughed, saying, “Someone has written the phrase we need right now.”

Director Park expressed his regret for the batters who have been slowing down recently, saying, “Now is the time to report the ball and hit the ball.”

The Samsung batting line is recording the lowest batting average among 10 clubs at 2.26. In the last 5 consecutive losses, the last 3 losses were by 1 point. It’s like you can’t get past the hurdle. The mental burden of having to do too well also seems to be working as a bad factor.

Upon entering after the briefing, director Park Jin-man wondered who wrote the words, saying, “I don’t think Chief Lee Byung-gyu can write so well.”

The main character of the writing was senior catcher Kang Min-ho.

He revealed that he wrote it down before the start of training with the intention of “don’t be burdened and let’s hit yourself at the plate”.

Lee Won-seok and Koo Ja-wook are leading the Samsung batting line. 2 home runs and 5 RBIs with a batting average of 3.48 in 7 games. In the match against Daegu SSG on the 11th, the previous day, he also raised the mood with a solo shot to tie the score against Oh Won-seok in the 6th inning, who was behind 3-4.

A seasoned veteran player. Just by looking at it, you can see the overall mood of the hitters. Athletes upgraded through rigorous training throughout the winter. The pressure to do too well is blocking the attacking path.

What Samsung needs right now is, as coach Park said, watching the ball and hitting the ball. It should be a bit simpler.

A time when you need to shut up and attack without thinking about the consequences. How will this phrase affect players?

It is the SSG match on the 12th, where attention is focused on whether the team will succeed in escaping their 5-game losing streak and the role of other players. 메이저사이트

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