If you are a fan who is interested in who will play the future protagonist of Korean Baduk, you should remember the name ‘Pyo Hyun-woo’. Born in 2013, he turned 10 on the last two days and will be promoted to the 4th grade of elementary school next month. He currently lives in Chungju, Chungcheongbuk-do. 토토사이트

He tasted his first win as early as six years old in kindergarten. He had only been learning Go for 9 months. The most recent, at the end of last year, at the National Championships of the President’s Cup, to conquer the Elementary School Danja Division, there were six big and small championship cups in his arms for four years.

A good performance that does not match his age often leads to commotion. When winning the 2021 Sunday Newspaper 2nd year division, an online competition, the side that lost to Hyunwoo said, “The first two years can’t be this strong. It’s like artificial intelligence cheating, so please investigate.” According to the rules, the video was released during the match, and only then did it go quiet.

Since I was young, I have been interested in board games such as chess and chess. Right before he entered elementary school, he enrolled in a local baduk class, but it was not a facility where instructors sat and taught systematically. Hyeonu got along with a kid of the same age he met there every day. His rivalry with a kid of the same age was his only growth engine.

Even in a non-elite educational environment, his skills grew terribly. In the first year of elementary school, I went to the origin of Chungju and gave 2 points to the director, but after 6 months, I improved enough to win by folding 2 points. He recommended that people around him move him to Seoul as soon as possible to receive education for gifted children.

“However, it was not easy in many circumstances. I still can’t send them to Seoul because of the corona crisis.” His father, Pyo Yeong-il (41), a middle school teacher, said, “No matter what happens, I plan to send him to Seoul to take classes in earnest within this year.” Rumor has it that prestigious studios in the metropolitan area are looking to secure him.

Since he does not belong to a school, he does not have a dedicated instructor. Studying Baduk is all about playing the Internet game at home, reviewing recovery through artificial intelligence, and solving life and death problems. Still, it is the energy of the Internet (Tygem) 8-speed. He even went ninth on one occasion.

Since 2022, he has been out of breath as he entered the Korean Origins Research Student. Realizing that he really needed a real opponent, he applied for experience, but was suddenly selected. When there is a league schedule, he goes to Seoul with his father. He is currently a member of Team 9. Instructor Lee Hee-seong, 9th dan, said, “The number of goals based on reading is harsh for my age. He also stands out for his composure,” he praises.

The diagnosis of Shin Min-jun, 9th Dan, who has a career in world domination, is similar. “In a word, he is a genius. Even at a young age, the basics are solid and calm. If I had to categorize it, he was in a similar department to Master Park Jeong-hwan.” Last month, Pyo Hyun-woo appeared on a Go TV New Year’s Day special program and challenged Min-Jun Shin with 2 points plus the 7th album (Baek bears the burden), and unfortunately lost.

He has a stronger fighting spirit than anyone else. One day, when he lost in the finals, he wailed and rolled on the floor, embarrassing the people around him. He memorizes the name of the opponent who defeated him and always ‘takes revenge’. Shin Min-joon, who gave him a tutor at the beginning of the year, was also on the ‘blacklist’ of 14-year-old Pyo Hyun-woo.

The baduk world is hoping that Hyunwoo will achieve the long-awaited celebration of joining an elementary school student as a pro. Elementary school students such as Cho Hoon-hyeon, Choi Gyu-byeong, Shin Jin-seo, and Kwon Hyo-jin are precious enough to count on one hand. “Go is the most fun in the world. I will definitely become a professional knight and rise to number one in the world rankings.” With 10-year-old Hyun-woo, the baduk world’s New Year’s morning is full of hope.

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